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Cosplay Today's Date:

The Dynamic Cosplay Couple's
Big Wow Cosplay Countdown

The Dynamic Cosplay Couple at NYCC, photo by Nerd Caliber!

Holy moly Batman! Big Wow is only a couple of days away!

Sean & I are excited about this coming weekend for multiple reasons:

  1. Now that he's 6, this will be our son’s 1st official con
  2. We’ll be cosplaying as a family on Sat
  3. We’re debuting new cosplays
  4. We’re reviving 2 of our favorite cosplays (with updates) for Sun
  5. G.O.D.Z.I.L.L.A.
  6. Weekend-long geekiness

Lil Sean is beyond giddy that we will be going as a “Spider Family” on Sat! Sean will be “Symbiote Spider-Man”, Lil Sean will be “The Iron Spider”, and I will be Anya Corazon/Arana.

If you see them, you will know them.

These will be our new cosplays, and we’re not ashamed that we hired our good friend “Amazon Prime” to help us with some of the work. When you have a lil one who is a bit rough with their things…making something for them isn’t always best when they like leaping off of stuff and are growing vertically at an insane amount of speed.

If you’re a super busy person, allowing yourself ways to get things done for your cosplay in a concise manner is amazing – and sometimes even cheaper. So don’t feel guilty if you don’t have the time or maybe the skills to create something from scratch! But there is one thing we did learn isn’t always best to skimp on. Makeup. Which leads us to our Sunday cosplays! Mr. Freeze & Poison Ivy!

The Dynamic Cosplay Couple at NYCC (Freeze v.1), photo by Nerd Caliber!

We debuted these cosplays last year at NYCC and came upon a realization. Sean’s makeup, which was from a company that rhymes with “SAC,” was easier to apply and stayed on all day. While mine was cheaper and from some other company, it took longer to apply my makeup and it began to flake during the day. Not cool. So we decided to splurge and get makeup that will not only last us forever, but will make our makeup applications that much easier. 

But we don’t just have awesome new makeup, we’re also adding updates to Sean’s Mr. Freeze costume!

Pieces of pure, icy evil...

The chest piece is made out of craft foam and isn’t complete, but here’s a fun fact that I’m super proud of: The glowing blue “ice crystal” that we will be adding to Sean’s chest piece is a leftover wedding vase light covered in…a blue doggie poo bag!

So never think that if you don’t have the exact tools and materials you see the pros using means you can’t achieve what you want with the everyday things around you.

In the near future I’ll be writing about how to “Cosplay on the Cheap” or at least on a budget and a minimal time frame.

But we hope that if you see us this weekend at Big Wow you’ll come up to say, “Hi!"

You can follow the Dynamic Cosplay Couple on their Facebook page. And, of course, Lani promises to continue writing about their adventures for Fanboy Planet!

Lani Carissa Bassett
aka SuperLani

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