So there I was at the San Diego Comics Convention walking down the aisles, minding my own business. This was my first comics convention so I was a little unsure of what to expect. DC and Marvel booths were one thing, but what lies on the outskirts of the convention hall? There were a ton of lame companies pushing everything from action figures with mullets to naked Star Wars anime. It was pretty dull stuff until I ran into the guys selling porn. Now, again, there was a ton of nakedness to be seen at the convention. There were at least a dozen booths selling “high class” paintings of nude women and the company selling the naked Jenna Jameson action figure was a sight to behold. But this porn was unlike anything I’d ever seen or really ever imagined.

If you’re a big fan of porn you know that Internet porn basically follows the same formula. One model + one cheesy location + one sexy outfit + 2 shots of tequila = a monthly fee of $14.99. However, the fine folks at have come up with such an amazingly simple concept that I’m amazed Kevin Smith didn’t think of it first. We all read comics and we all think the women in comics are hot. Why not start a web site that has sexy models acting out comic book plots but at some point they have to get naked? “Brainstorm” and “Villain” did just that (if those are their real names.)

“Thanks to a very willing girlfriend at the time, we put together this stupid costume, stupid set, basic script and actually did a photo shoot with her in costume - me in costume - and KABLAM! Our first photo story was born,” said Villain.

That was in 1998. Now they have weekly updates and use over 22 different models. So how is it? 

To be honest, it made me laugh, which I doubt was the goal. If is a porn site, then it’s a bad one. The first few pages of a “comic” might go up one week and it could be a month before you get to see the Sooper Hero naked. If is a comics site then it’s equally horrible because the stories are not going to be up for the Eisner awards anytime soon. The plots are cheesy, but what do you expect when the ending of every story line has to involve the hero getting naked in some way? Let’s see how creative Phil Jimenez is when Wonder Woman has to be butt naked in every issue. Wait, isn’t that the concept behind Codename: Knockout?

It’s obvious that the creators are doing it out of love (isn’t that the way porn always is?). The members area includes porn, fan submitted story lines, and video gallery. Among the most surprising things is the artist sketch gallery that includes sketches done by well-known comic book artist George Perez. Now we know what George does in his free time between working for CrossGen and drawing the JLA/Avengers crossover.

In looking through their archives, they have also come a long way from simple backdrops with streamers to photoshopping in special effects. But still, the nudity never really did anything for me (spandex in real life isn’t all that flattering), and the comic book plots never really held my attention. Can you blame me, with dialogue like, “Her first orgasm hit her like a freight train.  She was completely drained and lay sprawled, naked and thoroughly sexed up on Darkshade's floor?”

It’s probably unfair of me to judge as a porn site or as a comics site because it’s neither. There has never been anything like it before and that is at least worth a kudo or two. Is it worth a look? Yes. Is it worth your money? No. If you’re going to get busted at work, is this really the kind of porn you want to get caught looking at?

Michael Goodson

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