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Welcome To Belle Reve:
David Ayer Reveals His Suicide Squad

Let's face it: Warner has more riding on Suicide Squad than they do Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If a DC Universe film is going to prove the franchise viable, it really won't be Zack Snyder's movie with the Big Two, it will be David Ayer's' film off in the corner dealing (mostly) with the villains.

And of all the possible DC projects that Warner is trying to launch, this is the one that should be gritty and dark. It's right there in the title. This is the Dirty Dozen, and of all the various projects Warner has lined up, this is the one that really has no Marvel counterpart. These guys are bad, and that can be very, very good.

This afternoon writer/director David Ayer tweeted a photo of the cast in costume, and you know what? It looks pretty good.

Click below for a larger version, and let us know what you think, via email, Facebook, or Twitter @FanboyPlanet.

Derek McCaw


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