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Twelve Rings To Mark Them All...
WizKids Makes "ID-Rings" An Official Clix Accessory

...and they make dandy Barbie accessories, too...
Eliminate the worry of confusing your Clix with another player's without having to put one of those little stickers on the bottom.

It may be an idea whose time has come, but I have to wonder how putting one of these things on your base would affect the archenemy function.

From WizKids:

WizKids Inc., makers of the best-selling Mage Knight™, MechWarrior®: Dark Age and HeroClix® collectable miniatures games (CMGs), announced a multiyear license agreement with Flash Point, manufacturer of innovative gaming accessories. The license names Flash Point’s ID Rings an official accessory for WizKids’ HeroClix and Mage Knight Dungeons lines.

Players use ID Rings to identify their game pieces. The multicolored rings debuted at Gen Con Indianapolis 2003 and quickly became one of the hottest-selling items at the convention. Editorial coverage and convention support by WizKids® continued to boost sales of ID Rings into 2004. “ID Rings were a natural fit for HeroClix,” said Jordan Weisman, WizKids CEO. “Their innovative design and ease of use make them perfect for our players.” WizKids plans to support ID Rings through scenario play and at upcoming gaming conventions.

ID Rings are available in 12 colors (four of them metallic), and they may be found at any major gaming distributor and at fine gaming stores everywhere.

Learn more about HeroClix online. The game is fully supported with organized play at conventions and in-store tournaments. Learn more about ID Rings online here.

Derek McCaw

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