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Display Those Miniatures Proudly...

Yeah, but where do I put this?

Though it doesn't look like this announcement pertains to HeroClix per se, at least not yet, it gives me hope. The one product I look for (so far in vain) is a good affordable but convenient way to display and still use figures.

It looks like with a little help, WizKids has heard my silent pleas.

From WizKids:

Fans who've invested in Collectable Miniatures Games (CMGs) like Mage Knight(tm), MechWarrior(r) and others will soon have a new way to protect, preserve and display their Dwarves, 'Mechs(r) and Aces.

A Seattle-based maker of book and display cases today announced plans under a license with WizKids, LLC, to manufacture and distribute The Ultimate Collector's Case(tm), a line of high-quality displays designed specifically to protect game miniatures. The first set will feature one of six Mage Knight themes.

"We're very excited to be able to create a special case for Mage Knight collectors," says Lew Kiner, CEO of T.A.L.K., Inc. the company making the cases. "These displays offer a beautiful way to show your pieces and a great way to keep the dust off them."

"The Ultimate Collector's Case is an affordable way to display your figures and still keep them accessible for gaming." said Jordan Weisman, CEO of WizKids, LLC, creator of the Mage Knight and MechWarrior games.

The crystal-clear cases are designed to offer beautiful views of an owner's collection. Inside, the shelves are available in various lengths to accommodate figures of various sizes. Backdrops in the cases feature high-quality graphics and logos from WizKids' games. They also feature an easy-access design that makes figures quick to get to when it's time to play.

A single case can hold between 45 and 60 of the prized figures that many fans spend countless hours playing with, and hundreds, even thousands, of dollars collecting.

Kevin Goddard is co-founder of MKRealms.com. It is the largest Mage Knight fan site on the world wide web, and the online home of hordes of serious CMG enthusiasts. His collectable miniatures collection is quite extensive, and includes at least one of every Mage Knight and MechWarrior figure ever released.

"I've tried to display my Mage Knight and MechWarrior pieces in several different ways," says Goddard. "The Ultimate Collector's Case is awesome. It's sturdy, it holds lots of figures, and it looks great hanging in my study."

Currently Collectors can choose designs with Mage Knight, Mage Knight Dungeons: Pyramids, and MechWarrior, themes. There is even a version designed to hold the large figures of the world's first action-figure game, Shadowrun(r) Duels. Ultimate Miniatures Cases suitable for other WizKids CMGs will also be available soon, and cases for other miniatures games are also being considered.

The Ultimate Miniatures Case is made in the USA by T.A.L.K. Inc., Seattle-based makers of The Space Case for Books and other custom displays. More information can be found here.

Derek McCaw

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