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Vengeance, Episode #1

Years ago, Derek Mears was just a ridiculously tall young man from Bakersfield. At a truck stop just outside Buttonwillow, the two of us met, compared names and improvised a little. We became friends and as the years passed, I've watched him become one of the top alien stuntmen in the business, occasionally getting to show his actual face and grab a line or two of dialogue in film and TV.

Just this year, Mears landed himself on the cover of Fangoria magazine as the mutant "Chameleon" in The Hills Have Eyes 2. He has also been a regular on Acceptable TV and this week sent me his latest outing as part of Channel 101, the L.A. project from which the VH1 show sprung.

So enjoy Vengeance. It's funny, it's knowing, it's short and it proves that it's good for Mears to get out from under that latex once in a while.

Derek McCaw

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