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A Little Something From Dark Horse...

Dark Horse sent us this announcement this morning, and for some reason it got me jazzed. You know, I don't even care if the mythos makes no sense. Ultraman rocks, no matter what the subtitle.

But don't stop with this little tidbit; at the end of the press release is the announcement of a contest that you just might want to take a shot at...

Created in 1966 by Eiji Tsuburaya (also known as the father of Godzilla), Japan's science fiction hero Ultraman has undergone several transformations over the years. But his mission remains the same - defend the earth from the perpetual onslaught of giant beasts! Each Ultraman character has a subtitle to distinguish it from the others. And Tiga is one of the most recent Ultraman incarnations. The name "Tiga" is derived from the secret island that our hero has been hibernating on for the last 30 million years.

In the year 2049, the Earth has settled into a period of relative peace, thanks in large part to the global efforts of G.U.T.S. (Global Unlimited Task Squad) - an international alliance dedicated to protecting mankind from threats from within the planet and beyond. But when a mysterious meteor carrying an ominous message crashes next to G.U.T.S. headquarters, it heralds the end of peacetime and the return of the giant monsters that terrorized humanity many millions of years ago. Mankind's only hope is to find the lost land of Tiga and reawaken the 160-foot tall warrior Ultraman! But that hope could be extinguished before it even begins, as the sinister monsters Melba and Goza set their sights on destroying Tiga and the sleeping guardian before he can arise to defeat them!

Translated in English for the first time, Ultraman Tiga is a ten-issue series brought to you by international comic superstars Tony Wong (writing) and Khoo Fuk Lung (art). Ultraman Tiga #1 arrives in comic shops August 27, with a retail price of $3.99.

And here's the contest info:

Dark Horse is now accepting entries for Strip Search II, the second wave of it's on-line anthology. The project, which first began in August 2002, has posted more than forty comics by new artists on darkhorse.com. The web site receives thousands of hits every day, giving new, up and coming artists a chance to garner extensive exposure.

Visitors to darkhorse.com can vote monthly for one lucky artist or team to win fabulous prizes. At the end of the contest, one of the monthly winners will receive a grand prize of $1000 cash money. Voting for grand-prize winners will begin in August, the same month that will see the first selection for Strip Search II posted on the site.

Artists interested in taking part must first visit www.darkhorse.com/stripsearch for a complete list of rules. Any submissions that don't follow those rules will be discarded.

A list of rules is also available by sending a SASE to: Strip Search, Dark Horse Comics, 10956 SE Main Street, Milwaukie, OR 97222.

Also, keep an eye out for Strip Search, a printed anthology featuring selected stories from the first year's entries, on sale in early 2004.

Break out the art board and sharpen those pencils, Strip Search wants to make you a star!

Derek McCaw

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