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Countdown To Comic-Con 2004:
The Silent Assassin Cometh

A bold image for a bold book?

...and I'm not talking about Goodson having gorged himself on beans and cabbage the night before we drive down to San Diego. Though I do ask you to pray for me on that one.

No, we got this intriguing piece of art announcing a new independent title, and Terminal Press seems to have it together enough to make it worth your while to at least stop by their booth and check it out.

From Terminal Press:

"Silent Assassin: Understanding Trauma," the debut title of Terminal Press, LLC will premier at this year’s Comic Con International in San Diego from July 22-25 (booth E-8) and will be available nation-wide following the event. This 48 page, full-color, Prestige Format book features the words of Brian Ferrara as penciled and colored by Narek Gevorgian, with inks by Don Redick.

“I am proud to start with this book and think it gives readers a solid sense of the experimental and edgy material we will continue to release and hopefully be known for,” says Ferrara of his company’s debut title. Terminal Press is the New York based publisher releasing The SuperFun Company’s "Toxic Teddies" comic book (Based on the Toy Line) and Ken Knudtsen’s (My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer) "Crowpsey / Rufus and Cleveland" graphic novel, amongst others, later this year. With "Silent Assassin," Terminal Press is moving forward with the creative works of the company’s core team.

“We’re interested in putting the best possible material out there. We’re lucky enough to have a talented and dedicated team and thrilled that we’re able to attract other talented and dedicated individuals to our company.” Brian Ferrara’s team includes creators Jessica Ferrara, Narek Gevorgian and Rolo Ledesma. Confirmed collaborators include Jim Krueger, Sam Kieth and recording artist Gloria Velez on upcoming projects.

This first graphic novel tells a tale three years in the making. It takes place in The Old City on the planet Terminus, the last remaining home of all life forms in the self-created Final Planet Universe. This is one of a number of titles contained therein, including Ferrara’s "Final Planet" and "Blurin Da Lines," a collaboration with Rolo Ledesma.

"Silent Assassin" explores a deformed and abused child’s journey through trauma as he is shaped into a hardened killer. At the height of his pain, a dark secret will be revealed, forever changing the world he has become so far detached from.

"Understanding Trauma" is Book I in a series that allows the reader a glimpse into the motivations and driving force behind this most heinous of professions. It shows this individual’s struggle and his survival. This book is an origins tale that sets up a journey into the underbelly of a planet on the edge of extinction.

Visit www.terminalpress.com for more information.

Derek McCaw

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