The Terminatrix Has Been Cast

I accept my death at the hands of this woman.
Variety announced this morning that the producers of T3: Rise of the Machines have finally found their new Terminator. Or rather, their Terminatrix. Because true to internet scuttlebutt, it's a woman. And though the wrestler formerly known as Chyna will be disappointed, it's not a frightening man-like woman.

We believe that mankind is doomed anyway.

22-year-old Kristanna Loken has been cast as the newest model, code-named the T-X. Prior to this casting, Loken was a regular on Mortal Kombat: Conquest, as well as making recurring appearances on the series Unhappily Ever After and, most recently, Philly.

We're not sure exactly who will be playing the all growed-up John Connor in the movie (Edward Furlong has not been asked back), but unless he's blind, the T-X should pretty much be able to walk right up and kill him, making T3 even shorter than the ride at Universal Studios.

For more pictures of Kristanna, click here and here.

Derek McCaw


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