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Superman Returns
No Diesel, No Bay -- And X-Men Fans May Weep

posted 7-17-04

Could the big guy look this proud again?

Aint It Cool News has broken and confirmed a story that may make you smile after reading about the whole Green Lantern/Jack Black thing. It also means that Warner Brothers may be able to show up at Comic-Con without getting booed after Catwoman opens. If anything can do that, it's this:

Forget everything we have ever read about the troubled Superman production. All the millions upon millions of development money spent by Warner Brothers trying to make a film that nobody wanted to see have been written off. Instead, they're starting from scratch again, and in the spirit of Batman Begins, they may actually be getting it right by hiring people with a vision that starts by respecting the property.

How can we be so sure? Because they've done it once already, with X2.

Yes, according to Harry Knowles at AICN, Bryan Singer and his X2 screenwriters, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris, have signed on to direct and write Superman Returns. Hopefully, this does not mean a Superman in black leather, because all the prior production designs are in the trash.

Singer and company aren't starting completely over. In a bizarre twist, Harry claims that their take has something to do with the continuity of the previous Christopher Reeve Superman films. Let us hope that they will at least ignore the third and fourth ones. Please.

At any rate, they feel no need for an origin story -- and why would they? It's the one everybody knows by heart anyway. I mean everybody. Even my wife.

As a signing, it makes sense. Singer mentioned in an interview here that he firmly believes that strong storytelling directors like himself should be the ones turned loose on comic book movies. I just never thought he'd start staking his territory in other playgrounds, especially has he, Dougherty and Harris will also be writing a year's worth of Ultimate X-Men in preparation for X3. Or will they?

What does this mean for those who have been waiting for Logan's Run and some sort of official announcement on the third mutant movie? Both projects still live, with Logan's Run put on hold until after Superman Returns. Fox may move forward with their franchise without Singer.

Hey, I hear McG is looking for a job...

Ow! Hey, retract those claws, my tongue was in my chee -- waaaahhhhhh...


Derek McCaw

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