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Star Trek Gets Two New Crewmembers...
Scotty and Sulu Announced

He's got your dilithium crystals right here...
Jack Reda, occasional Fanboy Planet contributor and occasional guest in my current favorite webshow The Defenders of Stan, wrote to me after picking up some news of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek casting.

Yes, this morning a variety of sources confirmed that Abrams had cast John Cho (from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle) as Hikaru Sulu. Then Aint It Cool News swore that Simon Pegg had joined the cast as Scotty. I hadn't had a chance to really think about it, as I was off teaching classes. So Jack got me thinking with this:

...what's your take on the Simon Pegg and John Cho casting? I see some Fanboys seem excited, but I don't know. Makes me feel like Abrams is making a screw-ball comedy Star Trek. I know those guys are, of course, actors- and shouldn't be pigeon-holed by their previous roles. Kelsey Grammer as The Beast almost worked. I never really saw Scotty and Sulu as the comic
relief... I imagine they won't have huge roles, especially if the story centers on Kirk, Spock and McCoy... so does it mean every time they speak it will be a snarky one-liner?

First of all, Grammer would have completely worked under a better director, but that's another argument for another time. Check an upcoming podcast.

Coming up on ship's sensors now...
As for Cho and Pegg, here's the thing. Cho served largely as a straight man in Harold and Kumar..., and from my limited surveys of women I know, he has a pretty good following as a potential heart throb. I could see him as both a pretty formidable Sulu and a smart studio casting choice.

Pegg -- well, he's just a damned good actor, and Scotty did certainly have his fair share of one-liners in the series. ("We beamed them onto the Klingon ship, where they'll be no trrrrribble at all...")

But that's where Jack's scared, and now he's filled me with fear. Maybe, just maybe, what studio people remember about Star Trek was its often humorous moments...and that's all. I trust Abrams, but it's still something to ponder. It all depends on Kirk and McCoy at this point. The earlier announced Zachary Quinto as Spock really isn't a wild card -- Spock would be played the same either way.

Keep your fingers crossed.


Derek McCaw

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