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Danger's Waiting Up Ahead... 
So close to Speed Racer we can taste it...

USA Today has shots from The Wachowski Brothers' (yes, gang, officially still Brothers) upcoming Speed Racer. The trailer will see a premiere tonight on Entertainment Tonight. And suddenly I'm thinking I may want to see this even more than The Dark Knight. Yes, I may have just committed heresy. Take a look at a couple of shots below, then go to USA Today. It's only fair. We've got a couple of the pics, but they deserve the traffic and you need to scroll through all those pictures.

This is truly a classic bizarre anime brought to glorious 21st century life for a May release and...I can't wait....must wait...

Emile Hirsch, new fanboy superstar, behind the wheel of the Mach 5...

Speed and Racer X (Matthew Fox) square off against racer Taejo Togokhan (Ji Hoon Hung).

Spritle. Chim Chim. The movie has just officially become golden.

Derek McCaw

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