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Cinequest Celebration: The Soundtrack To Sparks

Of course we're going to spend some time this week touting Sparks -- the buzz on this film that just premiered at Cinequest is pretty high, and if you've listened to the podcast, you've found cast and crew engaging and excited about their participation, and that includes your Editor-in-Chief.

But I'll take a personal note here -- as of tonight, I've seen the film three times. Each time I've focused on a different aspect of the production. First was plot, which I enjoyed. The second time around I really concentrated on the acting, to see if my gut reaction to the performances held up.

It does, but it's really the reaction of those Fanboy Planet people who didn't have anything to do with Sparks you should pay attention to -- on the podcast you can hear both Ric and Nate praise it. But just today Lon Lopez called me to reiterate how much he'd enjoyed it Friday night, so yeah, I think this thing has legs.

As for the third time around, what I really noticed was the cinematography, which is surprisingly complicated when you consider that this crew only had twelve shooting days. (Breakneck, exhausting shooting days.) And, because I'd realized that I hadn't paid that much attention to the score, I really listened.

It's beautiful.

Jacob Shea delivered a score at times sweeping, at times ominous, at times fun and... well, at times too marvelous for words. (Now where have we heard that before?) And on Friday, Jacob launched his soundtrack album alongside the release of the graphic novel. Below, I'm embedding a picture of Jacob talking with us at Cafe Stritch for the podcast, alongside Esteban Cueto. Trust me when I say Jacob's work is every bit as muscular as Esteban.

Derek McCaw

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