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Shadowrunning -- Wasn't That A Bee Gees Song?

I've never played the PC game, which a lot of people tell me is cool. All I really know is that everything I've seen from WizKids, I've liked.

So it goes with this game, though finances may mean that you guys will have to tell me how cool it is.

WizKids, LLC, makers of the top-selling Mage Knight(tm), MechWarrior(r) and HeroClix(tm) collectable miniatures games (CMGs), takes action figures into a whole new realm today with its nationwide release of the first-ever action-figure game: Shadowrun(r) Duels. The 6_-8_ poseable figures combine beautiful sculpts with an infinite number of fast-paced roleplaying possibilities.

"You've never seen an action figure or a game like this before," said Jordan Weisman, WizKids CEO. "The eye-catching characters of the Shadowrun universe immediately spark a player's imagination." Shadowrun game play is set in a futuristic universe where cyborgs and humanoids prowl the streets and megacorporations rule the landscape.

The Shadowrun Duels Series One set includes six different action figures. Each comes with the weapons necessary for survival in the treacherous Shadowrun universe. All gear is interchangeable between characters. The ability to share gear between figures ensures an astounding number of game play options. The figures are sold individually and will retail between $14.99 and $19.99.

Learn more about the Shadowrun Duels game online.


Derek McCaw

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