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Of course I have my personal reasons for wanting to save Century 21. The first movies I ever saw were at the Century Theaters in San Jose. But this video does a better job of laying out its historic significance in a larger context.

Yes, Fanboy Planet has an international readership -- no lie, and we're grateful for all of you -- but we started in San Jose, and we saw the movies that got us jazzed and into fandom in San Jose. Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman, Batman, TRON...I even took my nieces and nephews back to see the Special Editions of Star Wars at Century 22. If only one can be saved, then it should be 21. World-wide, this theater has historical significance alongside the next door Century 22 as places where fandom really percolated.

Plus they're right next to the Winchester Mystery House! HOW IS THIS NOT A GEEK SHRINE?!?!?


Derek McCaw


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