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Once Upon A Dime -- ONLINE!
New For 6/23/03

Here's what's new this week on the online version of Donald Swan's classic fanzine:

The Popular Imagination:
Jack Cole and Plastic Man

by Stephen Sonneveld

A review of Art Spiegelman's beautiful book on the life of one of the Golden Age's quirkiest creators, and his even quirkier creation.

The Beauty Queen of the Crimefighting Set
by Derek Sprang

Once Upon A Dime co-founder Derek Sprang offers a retrospective on the girl who stole his heart as a boy: Mary Medusa. You say you've never heard of the character? Let Sprang set you straight.

Jay Garrick Saved My Life
by Vin Miller

A comics fan pens a letter of respect for the Golden Age Flash.

The Golden Age of Batman
by Carr D'angelo

Thanks to Donald Swan loaning us one of his archive issues, we've pulled out an article from 1975: a look at the Dark Knight from a time long before Tim Burton got ahold of him.

The Good Old Days ...of Doom!
Chapter One: The Mystic Mullah of Malice

by Derek McCaw

Yes, I've taken a shot at some fiction, as Peter David's revival character Codename: Courage has a forced meeting with the hero who inspired his creation.

Take a look. And let us know what you think. That's www.onceuponadime.com.

Derek McCaw

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