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Once Upon A Dime -- ONLINE!

Longtime readers of Fanboy Planet know that last summer at Comic-Con, we had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the Dean of Fandom, Donald Swan.

At the end of that relatively short interview, Don promised that we'd get the chance to sit down and "do it right," meaning talk some more about balancing his career as a high school teacher with his avocation as a champion for comics, and the funny stories that have come about as a result.

Well, after a follow-up phone call, Don put a different offer on the table, one that excited a few of us in the Fanboy Planet offices. He wanted to bring his famed fanzine to the web. And why not? Everybody else seemed to be doing it.

But anybody who has followed Once Upon A Dime knows that its publication history has been irregular. And though Don and Dime co-founder Derek Sprang are as dedicated as ever to it, the past year has seen a lot of extra weight put on their shoulders as they work on ferreting out the truth about Timely Studios' upcoming Commander Courage film.

So what to do when your attention has been divided, even if it is still by just one overriding passion?


In conjunction with Derek Sprang and fairly recent Dime staffer Daniel DeFabio, the staff of Fanboy Planet is proud to announce Once Upon A Dime -- Online.

That's right -- we've kept quiet about it as we hammered out the details over the past few months, occasionally leaking news that Don fed us but without crediting him. But now it's up, and it's my great honor to be serving as an editor for that site as well as this one.

Many of the contributors to Fanboy Planet may be appearing over there as well. Here we're about news, reviews, and what's happening now in the world of fanboys. At Once Upon A Dime, we're dutybound to remember what sparked it all for us.

Take a look. And let us know what you think. That's www.onceuponadime.com.

Derek McCaw

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