Planet Buzz 06-07-02

Decca Records presents
The Dark Knight...
In A Mellow Mood

DC released this planned cover image for The Dark Knight Strikes Again #3, proving an earlier theory of mine that Frank Miller is trying to go stylistically back to the sixties with his artwork on this series. My parents had an awful lot of record albums they bought at Grant's with covers just like this.

And part of me just can't shake the image of that East German/Nazi in Top Secret hissing, "bring out…the Neiman paintings…"

Oh, The Shame Of It All...

With Spider-Man currently number five on the all-time Box Office list, it's not surprising that we're in the midst of a frenzy of Hollywood raiding comic books for hot properties. Even Mort, The Dead Teen-Ager makes a weird kind of sense in this climate.

One studio has remained fairly quiet, mainly because they own the rights to a whole comic book company already anyway. That would be, of course, Warner Brothers, still steadily plodding along trying to figure out how to revive the Superman and Batman franchises, with an occasional spark from Wonder Woman. That's about to change.

Finally, they figured out that they don't have to use one of the big three to get a good superhero movie going. Warner Brothers has reached into their huge selection of available characters and pulled out…

(Pause for dramatic effect. Is it Plastic Man? Metamorpho? Green Arrow? Ambush Bug? Oh, I hope it's Ambush Bug.)

The Wonder Twins. Those shape-changing teens from the planet Exxor, visiting Earth with their blue pet monkey, Gleek.

The infamous Alex Ross painting.
I held off on running this yesterday because I thought it was some sort of bizarre hoax. But it's true. Did I say "good" superhero movie?

Warner Brothers has licensed the option for a live-action Wonder Twins movie to Gaylord Films, the production company currently responsible for The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.. (Oh, how the crimes mount…)

No word on screenwriter, director, or possible stars. But do we really want to know? The Wonder Twins, despite appearing on a popular Saturday morning cartoon show (Superfriends, of course), are a joke at best. Two years ago, Wizard Magazine even had Alex Ross do a painting of them for April Fools' Day, purporting to be the cover of a new large format collaboration with Paul Dini.

In comics, Zan and Jayna appeared in the Super-Friends title of the 1970's, vanishing for a couple of decades before being re-introduced in grim and gritty form to the DCU in Extreme Justice. Nobody noticed. Nobody cared.

Maybe we should give this the benefit of the doubt. After all, everybody thought Shaquille O'Neal as Steel was a stupid idea, and look how that…oh…

Form of…an ice sculpture of an embarrassed fanboy.

Derek McCaw


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