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I Have The Power…of the Sigil…

It's musical chairs in the comics industry. After leaving Image to start their own label, then deciding to jump over to CrossGen, Team Redstar has left the house that Alessi built to restart their own imprint.

By all reports, it was an amicable move with no hard feelings. And lest you think that CrossGen is collectively crying in its beer, here's a little something that dulled the pain of losing The Red Star.


Yep. The studio producing the Masters of the Universe comics, so good that our own Mish'al Samman refused a U.N. job for fear of not being able to get his He-Man fix, have left Image and will be headed to CrossGen in June.

Of course this means yet another first issue, which apparently makes three for the same title in one year, breaking the previous record set by Marvel Comics and their Captain Marville Adventures.

Let's Be Careful Out There…

The critical acclaim for Gotham Central has been nothing short of worshipful. And why not? The ordinary cops of Gotham City have long been a rich mine of characterization, and let's face it: Ed Brubaker writes great cop stories. If they're your cup of tea…

Which is why DC will be giving the book an extra little push on April 9. Retailers have been given notice that the publisher will be sending them 50% more copies of #6 for free, in hopes that we, the reading public, will suddenly start buying.

This issue kicks off an arc written by Greg Rucka with art by Michael Lark, focusing on Det. Renee Montoya. They promise a side of her we've never seen before, but belay the hype. Montoya has been a great character from the get-go, and a decent story giving her center stage has got me intrigued.


Butch Cassidy and The Monster Society of Evil…

Variety reported this week that Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman has signed to write the big-screen version of Shazam. Calling himself a fan of Captain Marvel from childhood, Goldman claims the usual "this is a dream come true."

It could be something pretty exciting for fans, too. When Goldman is good, he's very, very good. Of course, when he's bad, he's doing things like Dreamcatcher.

The movie has been set up at New Line (owned by AOL/Time-Warner), and if nothing else, let's applaud somebody there for believing there's life in the DC catalog beyond Bruce and Clark.

…And Speaking Of Bruce…

Ho ho ho. The beautiful thing about the Batman film franchise is that Warner Brothers can say just about anything they want to about it, and apparently never actually have to make a film.

And yet, there's been some consistency to the news that Memento director Christopher Nolan had been tapped to helm the next "in-continuity" Batfilm (not to be confused with Batman: Year One or Batman Beyond).

According to Entertainment Weekly, Nolan has a partner in crime. Screenwriter David Goyer has agreed to write the script. Right now, there's no official word as to what it will be about, though again, rumors have long been flying around that the villain will be The Scarecrow.

As long as we don't have to see batnipples again, I don't care who the villain is.

See? See?

We interviewed Parker Smart last fall about his mini-series CiCi. In that piece, he expressed his hope that he could sell it to Hollywood. No cynicism, please; just about everybody wants to make that sort of deal. Heck, we're putting together the Fanboy Planet movie pitch in our heads every day.

Smart has taken a step closer to his dream, last week inking a deal with Energy Entertainment to put together a package. While this doesn't necessarily mean that CiCi will be on the big screen anytime soon, it increases the chances.

And if nothing else, it will mean Smart can get a nice cash infusion and buy back some of his action figures.

Congratulations, Parker. (Why do I hear myself sounding like J. Jonah Jameson?)


One Step Closer To Jordan Rosa's Aneurysm…

The WB has given Smallville a vote of confidence, or at least one for the men behind it. Creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar got a two-year commitment to be the showrunners, a deal which should net them a tasty seven figures.

It's rumored that if Superman ever gets off the ground, that would mean the end of Smallville, so read into all this what you will. I'd say we're not due to believe a man can fly before pigs do, or at least before Tom Welling simultaneously graduates from high school and attends his ten-year reunion.

And by the way, in their spare time Gough and Millar are putting together an Iron Man movie script for New Line, after Iron Giant scribe Tim McCanlies got the boot.

Oh, Please Give Us The Ripper…

According to a recent interview with Anthony Stewart Head, Joss Whedon has backed away from the idea of doing a Ripper series with the BBC, instead proposing a two-hour movie that would go in-depth into Buffy character of Rupert Giles.

That doesn't mean we won't eventually see a series, either. By American standards, this sounds an awful lot like a backdoor pilot. But Head has obviously tired of being in America, hence his "now you see him, now you don't" status on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Indeed, he has used his large hiatus to co-star in a BBC series called Manchild, which can be occasionally seen on the U.S. satellite channel BBC America.

"Joss has got so many ideas - it's not good for one man," Head commented.

Good lord. What will Whedon do with all his free time?

Derek McCaw

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