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It Must Be A Sign Of The Apocalypse…

Full of Lurky Goodness...
Dark Horse Comics has announced that Joss Whedon has finished writing Fray, the future-set horror comic that takes place in the Buffyverse.

Regular artists Karl Moline and Andy Owens return as well, and Dark Horse promises that Fray #7 will appear in comics shops on April 23rd, with the final issue seeing a May 21st release. Let me amend that: they say it's scheduled for May 21st.

But seeing as Joss no longer has to worry about Firefly (dammit), it's a safe bet that he really does have this whole project finished.

Now about that writing Iron Man

Yeah, But Where's Jimmy Olsen?

Also slated for April, Dark Horse will be releasing the English translation of Ozamu Tezuka's Metropolis, a manga classic over a half-century old. Telling the story of an artificial human wandering a future world looking for her non-existent parents, Metropolis had a recent anime adaptation that American audiences have seen. (For Fanboy Planet's review, click here.)

The manga translation will be released on April 2nd, 168 pages for $13.95.


Hamlet By Day, Werewolf By Night

There's an apocryphal story that sometime in the late seventies, a producer approached Marvel about turning their horror comic Werewolf By Night into a movie. In a move that clearly turns this tale into fiction, Marvel's representatives pointed out that this was a comic book about a werewolf. Nothing more, nothing less, and therefore, the producer could just make a werewolf movie and not have to pay Marvel for the name.

...because I couldn't find a picture of the Slurpee Cup...
Granted, over the years Marvel has given Jack Russell and his lupine alter ego a little more continuity to make the property unique. And right now, it seems that the only character at Marvel without a movie deal is Ron Zimmerman. So it should come as no surprise that Werewolf By Night has been optioned.

Originally this was supposed to have been part of Marvel's deal with Artisan, with Hans Rodioff attached, but apparently that situation has changed drastically. Instead, Dimenson Films (the "exploitation" - read lucrative - arm of Miramax) has announced their involvement, with an intriguing staff change. No, Marvel Studios head Avi Arad is not off the project. Oscar-nominated (for Chocolat) screenwriter Robert Nelson Jacobs will be working on the project.

Arad, of course, serves as executive producer in conjunction with Crystal Sky Studios, who also have Ghost Rider on their plate.

"It is our aim to bring the werewolf genre to mainstream audiences in the same character-driven way we have done with our other superhero films," said Arad. " 'Werewolf by Night' is at its core a beautiful love story reminiscent of the great Shakespearean tragedies. It needs the meticulous heartfelt crafting that Robert Nelson Jacobs is known for."

As always, I'm willing to be as excited as Arad tells me I should be, and all I really know about the character is what I learned from a Slurpee Cup and Marvel Team-up #12 (emphasis on the Slurpee Cup). But…

Shakespearean tragedies?

Edgar Winter, Start Taking That HGH Now…

There are two kinds of fantasy fans: those who have had their obsessive Moorcock period, and those who have yet to do so. In hindsight, that sentence looks slightly obscene. I'm talking about British SF/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction writer Michael Moorcock, the man who really gave us Hypertime, even if he doesn't know it.

Proud user of SPF 5000.
Moorcock dabbled early on in multiverses and timelines that weaved in and out of each other, allowing for just about every novel and short story he ever wrote to have some sort of connection. Perhaps his most well-known protagonist is a certain albino warrior prince, the fierce and regal Elric of Melnibone.

Elric is one aspect of the Eternal Champion, a role played by several characters throughout Moorcock's fiction. The White Wolf's (as he is sometimes known) saga spans six novels directly, and five indirect follow-ups.

Slated for an upcoming DC series with art by Walt Simonson, Elric has just been optioned by Universal Studios. Chris and Paul Weitz (American Pie, About a Boy) convinced the studio to take a shot, though the brothers will only produce, not write or direct. Also along for the ride as co-producer: Moorcock himself.

Plans call for a trilogy, with the first film culling material from the initial six books.

Will our children be calling for blood and souls for my lord Arioch?


Sunnydale Has No Faith

While rumors run rampant as to who or what will replace Buffy The Vampire Slayer after Sarah Michelle Gellar runs off to complete her Caruso-like transformation into a movie star, we now know that it won't be Faith. Eliza Dushku has just been cast in a pilot for the Fox network.

I know what Goodson's rooting for: Andrew The Uber-Geek And His Naked Demon Friend Anya.

"My brother and his friends were all mercilessly slaughtered? Dude, that like totally sucks. Bummer."
Who Was That Masked Man? Revisited

Just a reminder that tonight at 8 p.m. the WB airs its potential utter bastardization of The Lone Ranger, starring Chad Michael Murray. If all goes well(?), of course, we'll be seeing a Lone Ranger series. Also on the boards, a teen Tarzan with former Skinner Mitch Pileggi already cast as young Lord Greystoke's American uncle.

Back to The Lone Ranger: The teen girls among you may sigh in quiet ecstacy; the rest of us shall reserve judgment until the grinding of our teeth has worn them down to nubs.

Aside from completely changing The Lone Ranger's origin (not just rethinking it, but even changing his name) and giving Tonto a sister (who by all reports is totally hot so maybe we'll let this particular revision go...), the movie has the bright idea to ditch the silver bullets.

A shame, really, because they're so handy when running into werewolves by night. Or Danish princes.

Derek McCaw

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