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Warren Ellis Goes Exclusive

DC asked; Warren Ellis answered. Yes, he'd be exclusive with them. Announced on his own forum this morning, Ellis said, simply enough, that DC has always treated him right in financial matters, so why not?

No specific projects have been announced, though Ellis does currently occasionally write Planetary for Wildstorm and Transmetropolitan for Vertigo, imprints that are included in the deal. He will also be allowed to finish any previously announced projects for other publishers.

Because We All Hate Indolent Nano-Technology.

Grant Morrison will be returning to Vertigo (wait - didn't he swear never to work for DC again?) with a series called The Filth. The book should be out in the Spring of 2002.

Nothing like The Invisibles, DC describes the book thusly: a twisted super-thriller in which Morrison takes the reader on a psychedelic roller coaster ride through a maelstrom of extra-dimensional espionage, disease pathology, sex and violence, prosthetically-equipped dolphins, indolent nano-technology, co-opted reality and the notion of identity itself. Loaded with febrile imagery and Byzantine plot twists, 'The Filth 'is a mind-wrenching journey where nothing is exactly what it seems.

Kids, combining prosthetically-equipped dolphins with Byzantine plot twists is a recipe for disaster. Please do not try it at home.

Just As Long As Onslaught Doesn't Return…

Marvel Comics released a graphic this week with no explanation. If a picture is worth a thousand words, let's say this one says "we'll be getting another $2.25 out of you a month" 100 times.

If you'll recall, the title X-Factor was cancelled as part of Joe Quesada's sweeping (and largely successful) revamp of the X line, believing that there were simply too many X-titles flooding the market without concern of quality.

Whether or not this is an ongoing series being announced has not been made clear, but the answer will come on April 30.

Peter Bagge Doesn't Hate Spider-Man

Comic Book Resources scored an interview with Hate! creator Peter Bagge on his upcoming project for Marvel. As unlikely as it sounds, the alternative artist will be writing and drawing The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man under Marvel's sporadic Startling Stories banner.

Bagge poses the question, what if Spider-Man didn't have the moral guidance of Uncle Ben to steer him toward heroism? The book will ostensibly follow Peter cashing in far better than he did in Lee and Ditko's original story, before an event occurs that will force him to re-evaluate.

Interestingly enough, Bagge claims that until this project, he had never read a Spider-Man story, and even now has only gone through the Lee/Ditko run.

If this keeps up, we're going to have to again plead with Marvel to stop releasing so many books we want to read. There's a recession going on, you know.

The Archies Are Getting Back Together!

Timed to celebrate Archie Comics' 60th Anniversary, the publishing company has given music producer Lou Pearlman the go-ahead to audition new singers and musicians to record and perform in two bands: The Archies and Josie and the Pussycats.

Granted, a new Josie and the Pussycats formed in a failed movie last spring (but hey, Bendis LOVES it, and we love Bendis, so that means we love it), but Pearlman will ignore that one.

If his name sounds familiar, it's because he has most recently been the evil mastermind behind Making The Band. Yes, this is the man who gave us O-Town, and many, many boy bands before that. Before you cringe our explode in outrage, remember that "Sugar, Sugar" ain't exactly "In The White Room."


Do It Yourself…

Big Bang Comics has announced that a feature film based on their flagship characters will lens this summer. Knights of Justice: The Movie features Ultiman, Thunder Girl, and The Knight Watchman.

A video short has been available through Big Bang Comics and at conventions, from the same writer/director/producer, Philip R. Cable. No word on whether or not the upcoming feature will be expanded from this video, or if it will be a brand-new story. Either way, it's pretty impressive that these guys just can't wait for a studio to come sniffing around their property.

The line of comics, currently published by Image, evokes the look and feel of Silver and Golden Age comics, with many features drawn in the style of old artists.

If anyone has seen the original video, please let me know what you thought, so I know whether or not to be excited.

The Curse of Cage

Allegedly over budget issues, director Tarsem (The Cell) quit the production of Constantine, the film adaptation of Vertigo's Hellblazer. At this time, no replacement has been announced, nor any names rumored to be up for the job.

Constantine would have starred Nicolas Cage, an actor who tries to get involved with almost every comic book adaptation he can find, and who has yet to actually make one. If this film does indeed collapse, then Cage would be free to pursue Ghost Rider, a project that had fallen apart due to scheduling conflicts, but which Marvel Studios CCO Avi Arad claims has become active again.

Anyone but Superman, that's all we ask.


This Really Comes As No Surprise

After nine seasons, we might finally get The Truth. Chris Carter and Fox have agreed to pull the plug on The X-Files, making way for the big screen franchise and possibly David Duchovny's return.

The show has lost a lot of its core audience due to creative faltering and the missing Duchovny. On the heels of the cancellation announcement, Carter pledged to reveal secrets, wrap things up, and hopefully get Duchovny to appear in the series finale.

He hasn't said yes, but he also hasn't said no.

This, Either…

The WB has gone ahead and ordered a second season for Smallville. Coinciding with that, the creators have hinted that Metropolis will be playing a larger part next season, eventually so that they can phase out of Smallville and into Metropolis.

Beloved Television Star Committed

London police arrested Atom Ant after the diminutive superhero brandished a gun outside of a nightclub. Released on his own recognizance into the custody of Morocco Mole, Ant later claimed that the police attacked him.

Finally at his friends' intervention, Ant has been placed in a mental hospital, having long battled both manic depression and a series of villains who all sound strangely alike and are not surprisingly much, much larger than him.

Whoops. I've got the wrong guy. Ignore the above.

Derek McCaw


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