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…Does Whatever an X-Man Can…

Marvel proudly announced this week that The Amazing Spider-Man has doubled its sales since May 2001, when the book was troubled, largely ignored by fans, and aimless after a failed revamp.

Giving credit where credit is due, Marvel lauded writer J. Michael Straczynski for making that happen. And those doubled sales are impressive, as the book now ships over 100,000 copies per month, making it one of the top sellers in the industry. (Ah, for the days when 1.5 million was the high number to shoot for…)

Can A Blind Hero Even Play Videogames?

Videogame producer Encore, Inc. has signed a five-year exclusive deal with Marvel, giving them the rights to produce next generation console games featuring Daredevil.

Few details have shaped up at this point, but the first game has targeted a late fall release, to coincide with the movie. Elektra will play a part in the first Daredevil game, but since the rights include everybody's favorite hot assassin, Encore plans to develop a game for her, as well.


And Speaking of Elektra…

The rumors have flown about for well over a week, but Monday The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Jennifer Garner, of ABC's ALIAS, has a lock on the role of Elektra if she wants it.

While not necessarily the most Greek-looking of actresses for the role, Garner has proven that she can kick butt with the best of them. And she is one of the few young actresses in Hollywood neither Ben Affleck nor Matt Damon have dated, so the casting could give Daredevil publicists something to talk about.

I really need to start watching ALIAS (no relation whatsoever to Brian Michael Bendis' Marvel comic of the same name).

George Lucas, Please Stop Embarrassing Me…

Once again, the day after posting that pop singing "sensations" *NSYNC would not be making a cameo in Attack of the Clones, a spokesman for Lucas stated that the decision has not been made, since the film itself has not been edited into even much of a rough cut. Sensible, but annoying position to take.

So for those who wanted to see Lance Bass get cauterized from the neck up, it's still possible. In the meantime, Saturday Night Live took the opportunity last weekend to release their version of the scene. Nothing could be more chilling than having Mace Windu turn to the movie audience and announce, "Ladies and Gentlemen, *NSYNC!"

You're thinking it just might happen, aren't you?

Jay, Jay, Jay…

Jason Mewes, he who plays Jay in all of Kevin Smith's movies (so far), has taken the role too far to heart. Though scheduled to make an appearance at Sundance this week, it seems that Mewes is actually on the lam.

New Jersey police want him for failing to make several probation meetings in both California and New Jersey, a necessity ever since the actor got busted for heroin possession. Allowed to continue building his movie career, the New Jersey courts had agreed to let him serve his probation in Los Angeles.

Mewes has not been seen in public for almost a month, and his sometime mentor Kevin Smith has chosen once again to play Silent Bob on the issue.


Proving Prescient Once Again…

The day after Fanboy Planet runs a piece hoping that ALIAS will find an audience, ABC announced that they will renew the show for a second season.

Okay, okay, I get it. I've got to start watching the show.


Derek McCaw


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