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John Buscema Dead at 74

The comics industry lost another giant yesterday when artist John Buscema succumbed to stomach cancer. He had been battling the illness for some time, but still continued working, with an alleged 22 pages done of an upcoming series for DC.

An early stalwart of the Marvel Bullpen, Buscema had a stellar run on The Avengers, following in the footsteps of Jack Kirby. He was also the artist on the original Silver Surfer series, written by Stan Lee. Fans of Conan know Buscema's work from both the color series and the legendary Marvel black and white magazine The Savage Sword of Conan. The barbarian owes his image more to Buscema than Schwarzenegger. In addition, he designed many of Marvel's images for licensing on toys, games, and t-shirts.

The artist's most recent published work was a reunion with Stan Lee on Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Superman. Also in the works for release will be a poster of The Avengers, with Alex Ross painting over Buscema's pencils. You can see the black and white preview on the left, courtesy of Buscema's official website. You can see the debt most modern comics artists owe to him, almost as much as to Kirby.

For those who wish to express condolences, or just learn more about this great artist, visit the official John Buscema website.


Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Builds Whatever a Lego Can...

Just in time for the Spider-Man movie, Lego will be releasing playsets featuring Spidey, Green Goblin, and Mary Jane. They will be compatible with the Lego Steven Spielberg Movie Maker set so that you can make your own digital movies of the wallcrawler battling his arch-nemesis.

Available in April, the two sets will include the major characters, a sound effects CD, and special pieces that will allow Spider-Man to perform stunts, " key scenes from the movie."

Now I really wish the DC Pocket Heroes' heads looked better...



Embarassingly enough, one day after I report that *NSYNC had been given cameos in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, both Joey Fatone and confirm that due to internet outcry, the boy band has been left on the cutting room floor.

Fatone called in to a radio station to make the announcement, complaining that "…everyone made such a big deal." Graciously, he refused further comment.

As annoying as the thought may have been, the cameo would have been less than two seconds and probably not as noticeable as the E.T.s in The Phantom Menace. So take no joy in crushing the dreams of Fatone and his compatriots. After all, the only reason Mace Windu exists is because Samuel L. Jackson pestered Lucas for a role as a Jedi, and that character will actually affect continuity. He even got a purple lightsaber, the only Jedi to have one, again because Jackson wanted his own color.

Yes, Jackson may be cooler to us, but all the boy band wanted was the chance to die onscreen. No special lightsabers, no musical numbers, not even a dance step.

This is like shooting the neighbor kid's puppy.



Again, the day after we publish rumors of The Tick being cancelled, The Hollywood Reporter confirms it. January 24 will be the last broadcast date.

Ordinarily, I accept these things. But emboldened by newfound power in having wiped the smirk off of Lance Bass' face, I'm going to direct you to Comics2Film, where Rob Worley has all the information you need in order to protest Fox Television's decision.

In a nutshell, fans are being asked to send spoons. Metal spoons, plastic spoons, blue spoons, whatever. Just let the network know that they are making a big mistake and need to give the Big Blue Avenger another chance, maybe on another night when there's a chance in hell someone might actually be able to watch it.

Derek McCaw


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