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You knew they'd do this to us…

DC comics has announced that the second issue of The Dark Knight Strikes Again, originally set to be released on January 16, has been delayed. The new release date is January 30…2003.

Just kidding about the year. Maybe. Vague rumors have also begun circulating about yet another sequel to Miller's masterpiece, but we haven't picked up anything beyond "DC has asked Miller to do another one."

Learn to write with the Surfing Graysons…

Comics writer Devin Grayson has just launched her own website. There she will post sample scripts, links to interviews, and occasional random thoughts on the art of writing.

One thing you will not be able to get on her site is an e-mail address, as she feels that both Marvel and DC have adequate space on their message boards for anything a fan (or critic) might have to say to her. So there.

Your Man At Marvel gets his own series…

Well-known Marvel flack Bill Rosemann gets to take a walk on the other side for a while. Usually writing breathlessly excited promotional pieces on Marvel's official website, Rosemann pitched a series to Quesada and Jemas called Deadline.

Marvel will release the book in April with art by Guy Davis (Sandman Mystery Theater). It chronicles the deeds of a harsh vigilante known as The Judge, told through the eyes of a young girl reporter at the Daily Bugle, assigned to the beat derisively called "The Capes."

While the series sounds interesting, I have to ask, how many major Marvel heroes actually have capes?


Jedi Bye Bye Bye…

The rumors are true. Those of you who watch MTV will be keenly aware that boy band *NSYNC have been given cameo roles in Episode II: Attack of the Clones. They will appear briefly as Jedi, all wearing red shirts and mercifully dying very quickly.

There is no truth to the rumor that *NSYNC clones 98 Degrees, O-Town, or Dream Street have been cast.


Deadman Lives

Just before we went away for the holidays, TNT announced new interest in producing their Deadman pilot, as a potential companion piece to Witchblade. If all goes well, that would mean we could actually see a telefilm by the summer, when the Top Cow series begins its second season.

For some reason, Variety reported the title as Dead Man, but mercifully omitted any more talk of the wacky klutzy brother of Boston Brand that had been rumored to be crucial to the television pitch.

The Dead Zone Lives

Last summer UPN had been considering adapting Stephen King's The Dead Zone to weekly television. After casting Anthony Michael Hall and ordering a pilot, the tiny network that could focused their attention on existing genre shows Special Unit 2, Roswell, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

However, in this brave new world of too many channels and not enough content, USA scavenged the pilot and ordered 22 episodes to begin airing this summer.

King's novel and the film adaptation starring Christopher Walken tell of a young man who falls into a coma, only to awaken with the ability to predict the future. No word on whether or not he predicts a second season.

No such luck for The Tick…

Aint It Cool News reports that January 24 will be the last broadcast for the big blue ball of justice, citing a highly placed Fox insider. No official confirmation has been released, but considering how stupidly the network has handled the show, it really comes as no surprise. (Pre-empted for two weeks after only showing two weeks, then given "bonus" episodes on either Wednesday or Friday, putting re-runs in its regular time-slot, and simply scheduling the brilliant series against Friends and Survivor: Africa. And all you guys were watching Smackdown anyway…)

Be sure to watch or tape the episodes on January 17 and 24. Treasure them. And if the show is merely on the edge of cancellation without falling over, let Fox know how you feel.

In other news, N2 Toys has just released their line of Tick action figures. *sigh*

Oh, The Pain…

NBC announced this week that it intends to make a pilot for Lost In Space. Instead of remaking the fondly remembered '60's sci fi series, a la the New Line film a few years ago, this new pilot will strand a whole new family in the cosmos. An NBC rep hinted that it may be a direct sequel, referencing the original series without getting bogged down in its continuity.

What? No concern over the Great Vegetable Rebellion?

This time, it's gross…

Warner Home Video has set a release date for the uncut special edition of Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker. The DVD will feature new commentary from Bruce Timm, among other extras. Wisely, the studio will not be pulling the edited version from the shelves, so there will still be a vaguely family friendly cut available.

I say vaguely because even trimmed for violence, The Joker's plan for Robin and eventual fate are still danged disturbing. But I like it.

Derek McCaw


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