The Dark Knight Strikes Again #3

Not a dream!

Not a hoax!

Not an imaginary story!

(Okay, well, actually, they're all imaginary stories.)

DC has announced a release date for The Dark Knight Strikes Again #3. Barring all accidents, problems at the printer, or sabotage from archenemies, the third issue of one of the most relentlessly overhyped series of 2001 and 2002 will be released on...

July 31, 2002.

Hey, at least it's still this year. And this is not the worst delay in DC's history. The excellent Camelot 3000 took a full year between issues #11 and 12. Try to keep perspective, and hope to heaven this story ends with a bang.

Evidently it took so long because Frank Miller realized he'd drawn the second and third issues with the wrong hand, and went back to correct his mistake.

Derek McCaw

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