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Bendis Takes Time Out From Writing Everything To Speak…

…and he threatens that something big will happen in Daredevil #32. Already the storyline being told by Bendis and artist Alex Maleev has involved the apparent death of the Kingpin. So what could be bigger?

All he will say is that there will be no clues in solicitation for the issue, but "…you will see something you have never seen in a Marvel comic." He went on to claim that whatever it is, it will be irreversible. HAH!

Even if this weren't a slow news week, this would be worth mentioning, because Bendis always manages to live up to his own hype.

Marvel Takes It To The Bank

Marvel announced yesterday that they have secured new credit in a press release for stockholders that I will admit all blurred into meaninglessness for me. However, for Marvel stockholder and co-editor Michael Goodson, this must be good news.

In truth, it is. This may mean that Marvel has successfully pulled itself from the brink of bankruptcy, and has become a healthy viable company once more. Sales are climbing, and as a result of Joe Quesada's tireless publicizing of Marvel's Heroes project at a variety of media outlets, people have actually started showing up at comic shops.

Love or hate Marvel, this is a good thing for the industry overall.

DC Prepares To Rule December

Even Entertainment Weekly got into the act, publishing the first two pages of The Dark Knight Strikes Back in this week's issue. Not only is this pretty high-profile, but it's about time that Time-Warner started using the rest of its empire to call attention to DC.

For those who have had their heads buried in issues of Wendy The Good Little Witch, the first issue of Frank Miller's sequel to The Dark Knight Returns will debut in comic shops tomorrow, December 5, retailing at $7.95 per issue. It will have two different covers, both featuring the stark DK2 artwork, but one framed with title and credits for mass market consumption.

Comics fans, of course, don't need no stinkin' credits. We know.


Stop This Crazy Thing

Universal Studios has begun moving forward on a live-action version of The Jetsons. Though still in the script stage, we so badly want to judge.

What we really want to see is The Flintstones Meet The Jetsons. In either case, we pray that Mandy Moore does not show up as Judy.

We Still Get Big Trouble

Tim Allen fans, rejoice! Touchstone Pictures has finally put Big Trouble back on the schedule, announcing this morning that it will open on April 5, 2002.

The film, adapted from humorist Dave Barry's lone (so far) novel, involves placing a nuclear device aboard an airliner. In light of the September 11 attacks, Touchstone removed it from its September release slate.

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, who has more than made up for Wild Wild West with The Tick, also features Patrick Warburton and Jason Lee.

Avi Arad Opens His Mouth

Further hyping Marvel this week, Chief Creative Officer Avi Arad offered an interview with the Boston Globe, pointing out how many Marvel movies have actually moved out of Development Hell. Put it all in a row like this and it all looks pretty impressive.

In March 2002, we'll see Blade 2. Fall of 2002 is Daredevil. In 2003 there'll be Ang Lee's Incredible Hulk and Bryan Singer's X-Men 2. New Line is developing an Iron Man film, and Dimension is doing Dr. Strange." For some reason, he forgot Spider-Man, but why quibble? Over at Warner Brothers they have, um...


He Is The Kwizaatz Haderach, After All…

As was to be expected, SCI FI announced that they will begin production on Children of Dune, to be shown sometime in 2002. No word on casting yet.


To make up for having completely destroyed The Tick's chances of developing a following by pre-empting it twice after only airing two episodes, the Fox Network will show two new episodes this week.

First, Fox will air the episode Couples on Wednesday, December 5 at 8 p.m. (So buy your copy of DK2, then hurry home to watch The Tick. Then our big blue buddy returns to his regular slot Thursday at 8:30 p.m.

Witchblade To Roll Soon

For those who have caught one of TNT's many Witchblade marathons and wondered what was happening on Season 2, relax. Production for a full second season will begin on January 22, 2002, in Canada.

Ahem. Told You So.

Finally going on record, Static Shock story editor confirmed to Comics Continuum that Batman and Robin would be appearing at the end of the show's second season.

Of course, sharp readers of Fanboy Planet knew that back in August.

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