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That Spider-Man Cracks Me Up…

In a season of publishers having to go to second printings on popular titles, it should surprise no one that Wizard Entertainment has announced a second printing. What is surprising is that it's not a Black Bull comic, but a spin-off of one of the trade magazines.

Twisted ToyFare Theatre, released last August, has sold out. 104 pages of reprints of the often brilliant Twisted Mego Theatre strips that run monthly in Toyfare: The Toy Magazine, the book will be available again in time for Christmas. And well worth it, because I admit that it's often stupid, puerile, gross, and terribly funny.

First The Joes, Now The 'Nauts

…Micronauts, that is. Josh Blaylock, the mastermind behind Image's current hit G.I. Joe mini-series, announced last weekend at the mid-Ohio Con that he has the rights to do a Micronauts series.

What he does not have are the rights to use the characters as done in Marvel's Micronauts books in the eighties. Those characters still exist in the Marvel Universe, though they no longer call themselves Micronauts.

Blaylock likens it to "…the Marky Mark version of Planet of the Apes." We can call it a re-imagining and give him a chance. With similar concepts but a new continuity, Blaylock's book will be out next summer.

There is no apparent truth to the rumor that Todd McFarlane will have the Miraclenauts appearing in an upcoming Hellspawn.

From The Web To The Page…

Relatively new writer Paul Storrie has been given the go-ahead for a Gotham Girls mini-series, loosely based on the animated web series running on Warner Brothers' site.

Each of the five issues will focus on a different cast member, including Detective Rene Montoya, originally created for Batman: The Animated Series and now an integral part of regular Bat continuity.

Nobody Cared…

Okay, so I set this up as a joke last week and not one person clicked on it. Dang. So here's the real news item.

In February the lone surviving MC2 book, Spider-Girl, will be bringing back a character that most of you didn't eve know you missed. Go here to see who it is.


Peter Parker Takes Some Pictures

Last week, you could follow this link and find yourself in the midst of Peter Parker's portfolio, the one he'll be submitting to the Daily Bugle to get himself a job.

In reality taken by photographer Steve Kahn and manipulated via the magic of computers, these shots really were for Sony's upcoming Spider-Man. And of course, you knew Sony had to shut it down, which they did. So we apologize for being too dim-witted to download all the photos for you. For now, be satisfied with the one posted here.

And you can still go to Kahn's site and see some cool work.

Cue The Flight Of The Bumblebees

Universal Studios dropped its option to do The Green Hornet last week. But fear not, fans of Britt Reid, for Miramax immediately scooped it up, and has begun looking at screenplays.

The property has been in development for the better part of a decade, with a lot of stars sniffing around it. At one point George Clooney had been inked to star as the newspaper publisher by day, masked avenger by night until Warner Brothers offered him a different masked avenger. And we all know how that worked out. (But George, we don't blame you. Call us.)

Last we'd heard the combo cast as The Green Hornet and Kato was to have been Greg Kinnear and Jet Li. If that idea still has water, Miramax did not include it in their press release.

But after the dismal showing of Li's last couple of films, he would be smart to stick with this one.

The Hulk Finds His Mate

The Hollywood Reporter confirms this morning that Ang Lee has found the Betty Ross to match his Bruce Banner.

Jennifer Connelly has been tapped to play Betty, described by the Hollywood Reporter as a scientist working with Banner, which probably does make more sense than the army brat/debutante she was in the comics. The article goes on to say that Lee is trying to convince Nick Nolte to sign on as General Thunderbolt Ross, The Hulk's arch-nemesis. This will not be Connelly's first comic book foray; you may (or should) remember her as Jenny Blake (stand-in for Bettie Page) in Disney's underrated adaptation of The Rocketeer in 1991.

The actress has had a bit of a resurgence lately, earning critical praise for her role in Batman: Year One director Darren Aronofsky's Requiem For A Dream. Early buzz also has it that she will be a strong Oscar contender for her role in Ron Howard's upcoming A Beautiful Mind.

Another Videogame Adaptation…

Collision Entertainment has bought the rights to a 1999 videogame called Nocturne. Dealing with a suspiciously X-Filish sounding office of the government, the film would allegedly be set in the 1930's, as government agents battle the supernatural.

Already the production company has entered talks with Dimension Films, with at least one draft of the screenplay done.

So I put it to you guys: anybody played this game and going insane with excitement that Dimension wants to do a movie? Write in and let me know.

We Titillate Because We Care…

On the heels of Jennifer Connelly news, this item really qualifies as thin rumor and hot babe-age and I should be ashamed to run it. But here goes anyway.

Ain't It Cool News ran a report this week about a possible casting choice for Elektra.

Now, take this with an entire can of salt, for Harry claims to have insider knowledge that at one point named Lucy Liu as having been cast in the role of Daredevil's former girlfriend. Wizard Magazine just floated Penelope Cruz as the winner of the role (which makes a little more sense than Lucy Liu). And the person posting this certainly seems to have one foot and four more toes in fantasy.

Looking at this picture, though, it's imaginable. The real question remains: who the heck is she?


Will Ferrell As Sabretooth?

Admittedly, this is just obsessive fannishness at play, but there really wasn't anything else to report for television this week.

Watch for Hugh Jackman to host Saturday Night Live on December 8. Sure, he's actually promoting his upcoming film Kate & Leopold, but they've got to make fun of his status of Wolverine.

They've just got to.

Hugh Jackman to host SNL on December 8.

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