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You Want Fries With That?

Marvel Comics announced last week that they will be launching a line of "super-size" hardcover reprints, suitable for leaving around your coffee table. Slated for early 2002, the line will begin with the "instant classic" Origin series, followed by the complete Frank Miller's Spider-Man in a handsome edition, then Ultimate Spider-Man #1-13 bound in one volume.

Mark Waid's "I haven't decided yet?" Just Another Ruse…

This will teach us to carefully ask the right questions. After announcing last week that his deal with CrossGen was changing, Mark Waid has publicly confirmed this week that he will be using some of his newfound spare time to take over Marvel's Fantastic Four with artist Mike Wieringo.

He has released no details about his plans for the foursome, and stresses that his first priority remains Ruse.

More On The Marvel Merry-Go-Round

Kurt Busiek has announced that he will be leaving his long run on Avengers with issue #55. He stresses that the exit is amicable and by his own choice.

Replacing Busiek will be Geoff Johns, writing his first regular series for Marvel. Before tackling Avengers, Johns will be writing an unnamed X-mini-series. Initially announced as Morlocks, artist Ethan Van Scriver let slip this week that that plan has changed.

As for Johns' high profile and entertaining runs on Flash, JSA and the upcoming Hawkman for DC, fear not. The writer has no intention of lessening his workload.

"Hell, no," he replied when we asked. "Four books is PERFECT."

The Dark Knight Strikes Back On The Web…

Can't wait for the December release of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Strikes Back? Whet your appetite by cruising over to DC's website, where they are offering several character sketches for downloading and drooling over.

Aside from the requisite Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman sketches, Miller has also done several other Justice Leaguers, including Plastic Man.


Wesley's Back! Wesley's Back! Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Wil Wheaton has announced, and luckily for him Paramount seems to have confirmed, that he will be making a cameo appearance in Star Trek X: Nemesis.

Since this will be the last film to feature the Next Generation cast, producers felt that it would only be right to give fans one more glimpse of Wesley Crusher.

Arnold's Back! Arnold's Back! Curb Your Enthusiasm.

At long last, Warner Brothers has set a date for Collateral Damage, a film originally set for release last September in which Arnold Schwarzenegger seeks revenge against terrorists who killed his family.

Deemed too sensitive for release in the wake of September 11, the film seemed doomed to sit on the shelf forever. Once the studio noticed that people kept renting videos in which action stars like Arnold kicked terrorist butt, they scrambled to find a new slot.

And so…Collateral Damage will open on February 8, 2002.

Bruce Lee's Back! Bruce Lee's Back! Curb Your…Wait A Minute…Isn't He Dead?

Korean film company ShinCine has acquired the rights to Bruce Lee's likeness from his estate with the intent of digitally recreating him for a new film.

Dragon Warrior has been budgeted at $50 million, but the company has not yet selected a studio to actually do the CG work necessary to make Lee come alive.

An outraged Jar Jar Binks commented, "Meesa know kung fu! Why no usa me as Dragon Warrior? Meesa digital already! Meesa even look like dragon!" before being pelted with large stones by Star Wars fans who noticed him in the background of the latest Attack of the Clones trailer.

One More Crime To Pin On Bin Laden

Sylvester Stallone made noises last week that he's ready to start working on Rambo IV, in which the over-muscled unstoppable killing machine would return to Afghanistan (he helped Bin Laden's rebel force in Rambo III; did someone order a plate of irony?).

When will the terror stop?

Samurai Jack Goes Big-Time

Variety reports this week that director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour 2) will helm a live-action version of Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack.

To offer true hope to fans of the cartoon, creator Genndy Tarkovsky will be writing at least the first draft of the screenplay. Our thoughts and prayers are with him in this difficult time as he leaves the comforting supportive bosom of Cartoon Network management and faces the only thing on this Earth more frightening than Aku: studio notes.


And Now He's Really Gone…

The SCI FI Channel has cancelled its weekly action series The Invisible Man. Citing production costs and little ad revenue in return, the network lowered the axe after two seasons.

Episodes had begun costing over $1 million a piece, and even with both a regular slot on SCI FI and a syndicated run, the network was only watching money disappear.

The Justice League Can Go To Hell

Yes, though it has not been formally announced, sources tell Fanboy Planet that before this season is out, the Justice League will encounter Etrigan The Demon.

But which side will Etrigan be on? Though Timm has used the rhyming demon as a force for good before, long-time fans know that The Demon plays on both sides as it suits him.

Though the episodes have not yet been completed, we can't wait.

No Tick This Week In Favor Of Jar Jar

In what may be the silliest scheduling decision of the year, Fox will broadcast The Phantom Menace on Thursday night, scarcely a month after its incredibly huge DVD release.

However, viewing the film in a turkey coma may be the best way to handle it.

Meesa want more gravy.

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