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The Tick finally arrives, right behind the Family Guy...


New Decepticon Transforms Into Egg On Face

After touting that Marvel had regained the rights to the again-hot G.I. Joe and Transformers series that they had published in the '80's and '90's, it turns out that everybody spoke too soon, including Hasbro.

Marvel still can reprint their G.I. Joe books into trade paperbacks, but the robots in disguise never quite went out of style in England, where Titan Books have been reprinting albums of The Transformers series. Though those books have been largely for European consumption, it turns out that Hasbro had given them world-wide reprint rights, so Marvel is out of luck.

Hasbro right hand, meet Hasbro left hand. Now shake.

They LOVE Colossus

On the upside, Marvel has broken a tremendous barrier. Next month will see the first-ever Russian edition of a Marvel comic, as well as being the first comic book published in Russia in decades. The diplomatic book in question? Ultimate X-Men #1.

There should be a joke there somewhere, but I can't find it.

They're Still Creeps

Image Comics proudly announced this week that they have to go back to press and reprint Creeps #1, which has completely sold out. This makes the second time in two months that Image had to go back to press for a book, and no, they are not underprinting. Both Creeps and G.I. Joe had actually been slightly overprinted, and still sold out.

Does this mark an upswing for the industry? It may be too soon to tell, but it certainly bears watching.

CrossGen Makes It Easy

After a few fits and starts in getting it off the ground, CrossGen has opened their official on-line mall, which features five "stores." Now you can go directly to the source to get artwork, clothing, and most importantly, some of the hottest comics on the market right now.

If you've got the inclination, go here to CrossGen, click the link to shop, and tell them Fanboy Planet sent you. They love us. No, really.

Okay, they might at least acknowledge us at a party.

Quick Preview Sketch For Dead Man Running

Marvel released this picture, which will appear as a pin-up in the back of Captain America #50. Call it a bridge between the old series and the coming mini-series, this piece is by mini-series artist Danijel Zezelj.

What? On Time? What's That?

Upstart publisher Second 2 Some Studios has announced itself with a pretty cocky pronouncement: they guarantee that none of their books will ship late. How can they do this? By having their mini-series completely done before they even announce its existence.

As publisher/writer Myatt Murphy puts it, "I'm not proud to admit, but I spent pretty much all of puberty waiting between issues #2 and #3 of Ms. Mystic." Determined not to ruin any other young boy's adolescence, he completed his first series, Two Over Ten, in the summer of 2000. The third issue can be found solicited in next month's Previews Catalog. Two Over Ten follows 17 year-old Casey O'Beirne as she unlocks her destiny, and may stumble across the destiny of mankind as a whole. After that mini-series, Second 2 Some Studios will release an ongoing female-targeted book, Fade From Blue.

We will be covering Two Over Ten #1 later this week, and be talking to Murphy, a former writer for Maxim, soon.


Does Whatever A Studio Can…To Remove Images of the WTC

Sony has released a new poster for Spider-Man, this time featuring the wallcrawler at an angle where you would be hard-pressed to have a landmark reflect off of his eyepieces.

For whatever the political reason, this new image has a much more classic Spidey pose, and should continue keeping fans lathered up in anticipation.

Steady, Girls - You're Getting 1.5 As Much Leo…

Fox Searchlight (the arty arm of Fox Studios) has announced that it will finance and distribute Johnny Eck, a film based on the true story of the Eck twins, one of whom was born without a lower half to his body. That twin, Johnny, starred in Tod Browning's cult classic Freaks, leading a decent circus career managed by his brother.

Leonardo DiCaprio has long been attached to the project, and is said to still be onboard now that it has backing.

The Kingpin May Be In The House

Dark Horizon reports, and has not yet been refuted, that the producers of the Daredevil movie want Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) to play Wilson Fisk, the villainous Kingpin.

Spokesmen for the production do admit that Duncan is on the list of actors they are pursuing, but since no other good names have come up, let's start hoping for this one now.

Trailer Madness

As if every child on God's Green Earth were not planning on going to Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone when it opens anyway, now older fanboys have reason.

Warner Brothers has confirmed that the first Scooby Doo trailer will run in front of The Books of Magi…um…Potter, and rumors have started that a longer Attack of the Clones trailer will be there, too.

The suspense is killing us.


Hey, MORE Spider-News

Marvel has allegedly been talking with Mainframe Studios about a new Spider-Man animated series. To be done in CGI, the series would draw heavily from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics by Brian Michael Bendis, and rumor has it that Bendis himself has scripted the pilot.

Right now, the intention is for this hipper, edgier take to go to MTV, which is a shame, because my wife doesn't like me watching that channel.

The Musical, It Is Too Long

Hey, fans of Buffy, we feel it our duty to alert you to a terrible VCR dilemma. If you plan on switching over to Smallville at 9, tonight you can't.

For one showing only, UPN will be running Joss Whedon's complete musical vision of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, causing it to run 70 minutes with commercials. Though the episode will be rebroadcast, future showings will be edited down to the usual 60.

In addition, Whedon has announced plans to release a soundtrack album through his own Mutant Enemy Productions. We'll let you know.

This One Is Strictly For Chris Crotty

The show that WOULD NOT DIE, The Family Guy, returns to Fox's line-up this week. After being cancelled at least three times, Fox is giving it one more one more chance Thursday, November 8, at 8 p.m. as the lead-in for The Tick.

Animated and pop-culture reference-heavy, the show has a rabid fan following, so guys, this is your chance. Watch it this time, okay?

E.T. Meant To Do That

After sparking a ton of controversy in announcing that the theatrical and DVD re-release of E.T. The Extraterrestrial would feature more than just redone effects, Universal has announced that the original, untouched version will also be made available on DVD, most likely as a second disc.

The re-release will edit out two classic lines of dialogue. No more will the older brother "look like a terrorist," nor will Elliott get to call his brother "penis-breath." In addition, all guns have been digitally transformed into walkie-talkies. These actions have outraged film fans, therefore prompting Universal's announcement, claiming that this was their intention all along.

Right. And Greedo shot first.

Derek McCaw

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