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Judge Dredd returns to the silver screen. Hellboy can't believe it.


Busiek Taunts Fans With 6-page Astro City Story

Okay, okay, so there's that whole "mercury poisoning" thing which Kurt Busiek "claims" makes it "difficult" to write Astro City stories. So we've got to cut him some slack.

But when the chips are down, Busiek comes through. In this case, when DC announced they wanted to do a benefit book for victims of the 9/11 WTC tragedy, editor Paul Levitz asked if Busiek thought he could muster up something special.

"Brent Anderson has the script," confirms Busiek on his discussion board, and added that getting back to Astro City, even if for only 6 pages, has given him confidence that he could soon focus more time on it.

DC will not even think of soliciting for Astro City until at least three issues are completed.

As much as I wish it were back to being a monthly, let's face it - isn't it better that the guy only writes one when he actually has something to say?

Okay. Didn't think so.

Before getting Knighted, Captain America has to wear a Mini…

Darko Macan makes his Marvel debut in January, writing Captain America: Dead Man Running, a mini-series which will bridge the gap between the Captain's regular series and the new Marvel Knights "relaunch."

Assisted by Danijel Zezelj on the art chores, Macan tells the story of Captain America answering a distress call in Central American jungles, stuck in the middle of a war that goes against everything he believes in and stands for.

Dead Man Running will go on sale January 30, 2002. (We're talking about 2002 already? Crap. Where is the moonbase? Where is the monolith? This future just isn't what I had in mind…)

Hellboy Novel Previews On-line

Some guys get it. The internet can be a powerful tool to taunt us and make us buy their product. The official Hellboy website currently offers a preview of chapter one of the new Hellboy novel, Bones of Giants. Written by Christopher Golden (who also wrote Hellboy : The Lost Army), the actual book will be released on December 5, 2001.

Go there, check it out, then come back and buy it here.


Judge Dredd Given An Appeal

Shoreline Entertainment has entered into a two-picture deal with comic book publisher 2000 A.D. Their goal? Not one but two film adaptations of Judge Dredd. Sure, it bombed once with Sylvester Stallone, but read that sentence again and you'll understand why.

First up will be Judge Dredd: Dredd Reckoning in which he who is the law will lose faith in a corrupt legal system. After dealing with that, Dredd will face down Judge Death in Judge Dredd: Possession. Naturally, the two movies will be shot back to back, with neither Stallone nor Rob Schneider allowed within fifty miles of the set.

Leave them to the Cursed Earth.

From Hell Tops The Box Office; Alan Moore Could Care Less

Actually, Moore has given MSNBC an insightful interview that we just have to link here.

Part two of that interview appears on Comic Book Resources. Featuring what may be the quote of the year, "Compared to where we were in 1960, we are all super heroes now, and we still can't solve our problems," Moore further expounds on comics, magic, and just why he's really not fit for society.

Go there. Come back here.


Batman Beyond Censorship?

Rumors have gone around the internet that at last, we will see a DVD release of the uncut Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. A Warner rep allegedly posted the news to a discussion group on Sunday night. Though we have not been able to confirm this with Warner Brothers, it has long been bandied about by the powers that be, so we see no reason to doubt it.

In addition, the poster hinted that other earlier animated projects, such as Batman: Sub-Zero and The Batman/Superman Movie, would get their DVD release.

Most drool-worthy, the posting revived the rumor that Warner plans to release special editions of Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns in time for Christmas of 2002. Oh, lord, please let me live so long.

If Warner Brothers returns our phone call, we'll keep you informed.

The Script Doctor Exults Triumphantly

Citing a combination of lessened audience interest in reality shows and that the concept just doesn't quite fit the national mood, The Runner has been indefinitely postponed by ABC.

The show, produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, would have featured a contestant sneaking around the country performing tasks and stunts, ideally without getting caught by authorities or viewers.

With so many actual fugitives running around performing deadly tasks and stunts, the network felt it would be redundant.

And besides, our own Script Doctor, Jack Reda, had pitched a similar show to the USA Network and been rejected because he hadn't appeared in any Kevin Smith films, so we feel that justice has been done.

Secret Master of the World To Make Rare Television Appearance

In honor of the 200th episode of Frasier, Bill Gates will appear as himself, seeking advice from Dr. Crane.

The actual episode will air November 13, but people will still be having problems with it for some time.

The Tick vs. The World Series

…and The Tick loses.

Fox has pushed back the premiere of The Tick yet another week, to November 8, at 8:30 p.m. Its original November 1st slot will be taken up by either a World Series game or a showing of Lost In Space. This means that The Tick will air only twice before being pre-empted by Thanksgiving.

Despite being kicked around by the network like a red-headed step-child, The Tick is rumored to be absolutely effin' hilarious, so do what you can to support it.

Fox Has Taste

Proving that as a network it rules over NBC, Fox has given a full season commitment to Undeclared, even though the show has not exactly burned up the ratings chart.

If you haven't caught it yet, Undeclared resides on Fox on Tuesday nights at 8:30, following That '70's Show. It's a loopy look at college life, and producer Judd Apatow has a lot of hip friends who drop in and guest-star, such as Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler. Quite simply, it's brilliant, almost as good as Apatow's previous series, Freaks And Geeks.

Derek McCaw

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