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Captain Comics Throws In The Towel?

Never give up. Never surrender. But when your website has barely been limping along for weeks, what can you do? Long-time newspaper columnist Captain Comics has decided to stop. For now.

In a message posted to his discussion board, he offers the possibility of finding a new low-cost host, but until such time, he has to shut down entirely.

Already we miss his weekly columns, and are stressing that we may never know how Gotham X III ends.

CrossGen Offers Sneak Peek

For weeks, you've seen the taunting painting by Joseph-Michael Linsner in the back of various CrossGen comics, as well as Wizard magazine. It's the cover for CrossGen Illustrated, a primer for the CrossGen Universe.

Now CrossGen offers the entire first chapter of the book on-line, covering the world of Mystic. It makes for a great entry into that world. Check it out here.

Warren Ellis Refuses To Be Outdone

One chapter? Bollocks!

Warren Ellis has posted the entire first issue of his sold-out Image Comic, Ministry of Space, on his website. A pretty nifty alternate history, the book covers the development of the British Space Program as Tony Blair wishes it had been.

Blast off here.

Neil Gaiman Returns To The Endless

…and a grateful nation of fanboys weeps.

DC announced this week that Gaiman has agreed to write a hardcover one-shot featuring The Endless, those wacky fun-time brothers and sisters of his classic creation Morpheus, aka The Sandman.

The book will appear sometime in 2002, with a softcover version 6 to 12 months later. No other details have been released, but really, do you need them? It's Gaiman. It's The Endless. It's…(sobbing) I'm just so happy…

DC Delays The Authority, Jemas Starts A Fight

Allegedly out of sensitivity, DC has delayed issues 27-29 of The Authority, which would feature writer Mark Millar's return to the title. In addition, they have cancelled The Authority: Wide-Screen Edition, artist Bryan Hitch's swan song on the title.

In response, Marvel President Bill Jemas offered to publish the titles, paying DC a licensing fee of 10 percent. Later, at Ain't It Cool News, Jemas claimed to have been misquoted. He would pay 10 cents.

In response to that, DC Vice President of Marketing and Sales Bob Wayne remarked, "stupid people said stupid things."

Jemas responded by calling Wayne a "doodie-head."

Wayne burst into tears and said he was going to tell his mom.

In a panic, Jemas bit Wayne on the leg.

Ever a voice of reason, CrossGen publisher Mark Alessi then ran and told the yard duty.

Todd McFarlane Just Stares At His Now-Worthless Balls

Sorry. After Barry Bonds hit #71, I knew I just had to write that headline.

Spider-Man Reacts To The WTC Disaster

Next month, the plot to Amazing Spider-Man #36 will feature Marvel's acknowledgement of and reaction to the events of September 11.

As well-intentioned as it is, does such a real-life event have a place in a comics universe? Especially when the comic book version of that city has regularly had far worse damage done to it by the likes of Attuma (attacked the city outright), Galactus (threatened to eat it) and Dr. Doom (launched the Baxter Building into space)?

It's fantasy. They've got Latverians, Atlanteans, Deviants, and The Hulk. Granted, those guys don't seem quite as scary in the last month. But maybe, just maybe, it's better that way. Leave the real world out of it.

Marvel Launches A Bargain

Marvel announced this week that they will begin publishing Mighty Marvel Must-Haves, an anthology reprint book that will retail for $4.95.

Scheduled to ship in early December, the first issue will reprint Cable #97, Banner #1, Tangled Web #4, and Origin #1. We'll vouch that at least three of those four completely rocked, and no way would you be able to get them for that price on the back issue market.

This just in: by writing the above paragraph, I have just been judged to have a triple digit IQ by Bill Jemas.

Robots In Disguise To Work For Joe Q

Yes, Marvel has regained the license to at least reprint their original Transformers series from the '80's, as well as G.I. Joe. How that affects Image's recent relaunch of G.I. Joe (using the same characters) has not been determined.


Affleck "All But Signed" To Play Daredevil

Aye, there's the rub. Variety reports it, so the story now has some weight. Long-time Daredevil fan Matt Damon must be so ticked…

What A Powerful Weapon For Fighting Crime…

IGN Film Force reports that producers Bill Todman and Bill Gerber are attempting to develop a live-action Aquaman film. Granted, this is in such an embryonic stage that anything and everything can still happen to stop it.


No wonder he couldn't stay dead.

From Hell To Your Local Theater

Just in case you missed it, next Friday, October 19, sees the opening of From Hell, a Jack The Ripper thriller loosely based on the classic Alan Moore/Eddie Campbell graphic novel.

We'll have a review up sometime next week, but for now, even with it obviously departing from the comic, it looks like it could be pretty interesting.

And if you haven't read the graphic novel, it's going to take you at least a week, so get it now.

CrossGen To Enter The Silver Screen?

This past week CrossGen announced that it had signed a deal with Branded Entertainment to shepherd any and all of their properties into movies, television, and possibly games.

If you've never heard of Branded, you may still have heard of its head, Michael Uslan. He brought a little franchise called Batman to the big screen, though it's probably not his fault Jon Peters got involved.

Mysteriously, though, they left the Swamp Thing films off his resume.


I got nothing. Did anybody watch Mutant X last weekend?

Derek McCaw

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