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Frank Cho Cancels The Liberty Meadows Comic Strip

On December 30, 2001, the beloved comics strip Liberty Meadows will end with a cliff-hanger ending - the wedding of Brandy. But to who? Frank Cho only has this to say:

"Fear not, faithful fans! Liberty Meadows lives! It lives, I tell you! Liberty Meadows the comic strip will transform itself into Liberty Meadows - the comic book. Okay, I'll be the first to admit that there's already a comic book called Liberty Meadows. Hey, we publish it, so I know all about it. (Trust me on this one.) From the sales, it seems clear that a lot of you know about it, too. Well, relax, the comic book version isn't going anywhere In fact, it's getting better!"

The last episode of the strip will direct readers to their comics shops, where they will be able to purchase The Liberty Meadows Wedding Album, which will feature (obviously) all new material, out of continuity to the regular monthly book, which reprints and rewrites previously published strips. Eventually the monthly will become all new material.

I assume that the syndicate Cho has contracted to has been given a sweeeeet piece of the pie for this one.

Dark Horse Comics Have Monkey Boys Of Their Own

On November 7, Dark Horse will release Sock Monkey: A Children's Book, an illustrated prose story by Tony Millionaire, at a list price of $9.95. This one will go to both comic shops and regular bookstores.

Millionaire, of course, has been publishing the comic book adventures of Uncle Gabby, a clever little sock monkey, for some time. In addition, his strip Maakies has appeared in animated form on Saturday Night Live.

But that's not all Dark Horse has coming outů

On October 17, 2001, Dark Horse joins forces with DC for a team-up that was really only a matter of time: Superman/Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle. The orphaned Kal-El will be raised by apes, while John Clayton will become an adventuring wastrel. How will their fates collide and straighten out? Spend the $2.99 to find out.

DC Wants You To Buy The Dark Knight Strikes Again

Well, duh. But they're really going out of their way to help. The publisher announced this week that they will be shipping the book on a staggered schedule, guaranteeing that stores that sell out of their initial order will be quickly re-stocked, and allowing them to budget accordingly.

Also, all the copies will be shipped out of regional distribution centers, again to minimize the wait time once the book has been released.

See? These are the kinds of actions retailers need. Just as CrossGen helped out last week for New York stores, DC gets it: without the retailers, the industry will be hosed.


Panicking Over Watchmen

After a flurry of internet reports that X-Men writer David Hayter intends to write and direct an adaptation of Moore and Gibbons' classic, Hayter has spoken up to Comics Continuum.

Yes, he would like to write the adaptation. He is negotiating with the current owners of the film rights. But no, he does not intend to direct himself, nor has he made any concrete plans as to what would have to be cut.

So please, people, stop panicking over the pirates.

The Invisibles Closer To Being Seen?

Grant Morrison reports that once again he has some production companies sniffing around The Invisibles.

Having read the whole series, I only have this to say about a movie adaptation: I'd like to see you try.

Diesel Definitely Dumps Daredevil

Due to his schedule with the upcoming film XXX, Vin Diesel has outright rejected any role in the film version of Daredevil.

Allegedly in talks now is Ben Affleck, which is really just rude, since Matt Damon has said he wants it. The role of Daredevil, not Ben Affleck.

But in all this, I have to ask: what's Rex Smith doing these days?


Farscape Goes Even Farther

The Sci Fi Network has renewed Farscape for two more years, a 44 episode commitment. Sci Fi Channel president Bonnie Hammer said, ``Farscape is our signature show, and with this deal, it now becomes our longest-running original series ever.''

When asked to comment about a similar deal for Emeril, NBC executives said, "what are you, high?"

And Now, A Moment Of Smugness In Smallville

The Superman Homepage has confirmed what I hypothesized in my review of the Smallville pilot: original Ma Kent was just too young. Replaced actress Cynthia Ettinger joked, "They told me I was too young and pretty... which you would never guess from seeing how awful I looked in the pilot."

Evidently the WB brass felt that viewers would not believe Ettinger could have a son star Tom Welling's age. Especially since that age is in the mid-twenties.

This may not be newsworthy, but it just goes to show that despite what co-editor Michael Goodson says, I occasionally do know what I'm talking about.


Derek McCaw

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