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Dynamic Forces And Marvel Join, er, Forces For Benefit

Dynamic Forces has announced the sale of the Captain America: 225th Anniversary of Independence Lithograph. All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross, to help with victim relief.

The 18" x 24" lithograph features artwork by Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway, at a cost of $24.99. To further sweeten the deal, Dynamic Forces will waive the cost of shipping and handling. Should you include it anyway, they will donate that as well.

If you're interested, click here.

CrossGen Comics Gives New York Retailers Free Comics

CrossGen, with Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., will be providing St. Marks Comics their normal monthly order at no charge. St. Marks is located near ground zero in New York, and their business has been severely affected. In addition, any other retailers near ground zero have only to contact CrossGen, and they will receive the same consideration.

"We tried to determine the best course of action to help those directly affected by this tragedy," said CrossGen Publisher Mark Alessi. "The comic industry has planned many great things to help the victims and their families, but no one has thus far considered the members of the comic book retail community who were directly affected. We want to help our own as well."

Alessi has a good point. With the government helping to save floundering airlines in the wake of this disaster, it seems that we should be looking at smaller industries to see how they are doing. And really, without comic book stores, where are you going to get your comics? So a Fanboy Planet thumbs-up to CrossGen. Can this company do anything wrong?

Not yet, because there's more.

At the request of eBay, CrossGen will also be donating items for the on-line Auction For America, in conjunction with The United Way. EBay plans to raise $100 million in one hundred days.

All proceeds from the auction will be going directly to charity.

The Brotherhood Gets Disbanded

Due to light fan response, Marvel has cancelled its gritty, urban mutant book The Brotherhood.

Written by the anonymous "X," The Brotherhood chronicled the view of mutants from the street, from those whose powers or personas lacked the flash to join a super-team. Though essentially the characters were urban terrorists, Marvel insists that is not why the book has been scratched.


 Want To Help? Go See A Movie. The National Association of Theater Owners has announced that today, Tuesday, September 25, is "Victims Benefit Day At The Movies." All ticket sales and concession sales will go directly to WTC victim relief.

To see if a theater near you will be honoring this, go to their website, www.natoonline.org. Of course, the real problem will be trying to find a movie you actually want to see right now. To help with this, Revolution Studios has re-released the Rob Schneider movie The Animal in a double-bill with America's Sweethearts.

Should charity have to hurt so much?

To Boldly Go Where We've Gone Nine Times Before

Variety confirms this week that not only will Paramount be launching Enterprise Wednesday night, they have given the green-light to the tenth big-screen version of the Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek X: Nemesis is now officially in pre-production. Featuring the Next Generation cast, this will also be the third film in which Data is rumored to die.

Would You Digitize For A Scooby Snack?

Ain't It Cool News has posted two photos, purported to be official publicity for Scooby Doo. Our sources on the production confirm that yes, they are legitimate, but not necessarily the finalized version of Scooby Doo. They were released internally at Warner Brothers, and at a few trade shows. Still, they're cool, if a bit creepy. But then, I said the same thing when I first saw the CGI Dino for The Flintstones. And Rosie O'Donnell as Betty, for that matter.

Despite how it appears, that is an actual photo of Freddie Prinze, Jr. as Fred, not a digital simulation.


Okay, Who Bebopped In The Pool?

Possibly in response to the current crisis, Cartoon Network has removed Cowboy Bebop from its Adult Swim line-up. First pulled on Thursday, September 13 due to the specific episode being deemed inappropriate, Cartoon Network has placed it on indefinite hiatus.

Words Fail Me

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has been optioned to be turned into an animated series, following the adventures of fictional winners of the big prize.

Well, duh. I think we know what they do. They spend all their money on abandoned theme parks, exposing ghosts and solving mysteries.

Derek McCaw

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