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You're here because you don't want to think about what's been going on in the real world. So let's pretend that things are normal, and tell you about what will be happening in the entertainment world.


Next Week's Shipments Likely To Be Delayed
Diamond Distributors warns that comics will be late, depending upon when commercial air travel will be okayed again. It's safe to say that all carriers will be back-logged for quite some time.

The good news is that everyone at Marvel and DC has been accounted for, alive and well.

CrossGen Comics Signs Chuck Dixon
One of comics' most prolific authors, Chuck Dixon, has signed to begin writing for CrossGen Comics beginning in March of 2002. "Chuck is a talent that we couldn't pass up," said CrossGen Publisher Mark Alessi. "He's a consummate professional that will fit perfectly into our studio system."

Currently writing (among other things) Nightwing, Birds of Prey, Robin, and the recently cancelled Marvel Knights, Dixon has not announced what he will be working on for CrossGen. But with the wide variety of genres the company covers, it could be just about anything. And we're betting it will be good.

DC Cancels Orion
Sorry to be glib, but…they were still publishing it?

Last week writer/artist Walter Simonson confirmed that issue #25 of Orion would be its last, featuring the reappearance of Mister Miracle.

Marvel Comics Goes Non-Smoking
In an effort to make their family-friendly titles even more so (and to contrast with their Max line), Marvel announced last week that from now on, no hero will be depicted smoking. Villains still have the option.

Granted, it is hard to explain to a child that Wolverine has a healing factor that keeps him from developing lung cancer, but it still feels like an era has passed.

Nick Fury will be allowed to smoke in his Max title, but for forays into the regular Marvel Universe, he must wear more than one patch.

'Nuff Said Yep, that's the name for the Marvel silent comics month. And really, why would they have picked anything else?

With One Magic Word…Kimota?
We hate to run rumors, but we really hope this one turns out to be true. Last week Joe Quesada hinted that Marvel would soon be making an announcement regarding Miracleman (and no, it's not that Miracleman has turned on the evil Dr. Enalrafcm).

This week, news is leaking that Marvel may have finally straightened out some legal entanglements, and will be allowed to publish trade collections of the legendary series, started by Alan Moore and finished by Neil Gaiman.

Keep an eye out, and if it does happen, you can bet we'll be using our own link to Amazon.


Finally, A Vertigo Project Gets The Green Light
Variety reported last Friday that Preacher will finally begin shooting in November. Rachel Talalay directs from a script by Garth Ennis himself. The leads have not been cast, but we can guarantee that, despite make-up tests over a year ago, Arseface will not be in the film.

Will it be the first of a series, or will Ennis just get down to the nitty-gritty and move on? No word yet.

Vin Diesel The New Nicolas Cage
Comics2Film, among others, reports that actor Vin Diesel has been offered the role of Daredevil. Originally rumored to be up for Bullseye, Diesel allegedly was more interested in playing the hero. He has long been linked to the film adaptation of Hellboy, if and when that ever gets off the ground.

Into The Abyss With Fathom
James Cameron returns to the water again. Variety reported last week that his Lightstorm Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Top Cow Entertainment and 20th Century Fox to develop Fathom.

Originally Fox intended it to be an animated film, but after the failure of Titan A.E., they shut down their animation division. Lightstorm will be making it into a live-action feature.

No word yet on which actress has proven buoyant enough.


TiVo We May See Go
Business Week reports that despite a huge initial splash with a nifty product, TiVo is rapidly fading. They talk about it much better than I could, being as I don't understand business or technology. I trust the web elves to make this page work.

Further Signs Of The Apocalypse
It has been reported by a variety of trustworthy sources that Sean Penn, he who claims to hate acting, despise Hollywood, and generally spurn fame, will have a recurring role on Friends this season, as the boyfriend of Phoebe's twin sister Ursula.

In and of itself this item has nothing to do with the Fanboy way of life, until you take into consideration that the inestimable Mr. Penn has clearly been replaced by a pod version of himself.

Oh, All The Punny Headlines Are Just Too Obvious
The Simpsons will soon have a small line of breakfast cereals. By the end of September, we will be able to enjoy Homer's Cinnamon Donut Cereal and Bart Simpson Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch.

I'd say let us have a moment of silence for the death of irony, but I'm afraid we may be far too late.

Derek McCaw

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