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DC Lowers Price On A Book!

Even though they admit this is because they overprinted, it's still cool. DC Comics has announced that Batman Archives Volume 1, originally solicited at $49.95, will be just $19.95. Re-released on October 3, the book contains all of the Batman stories from Detective Comics #27-50, covering 1939 to 1940.

Kevin Smith Will Broker Peace Between DC and Marvel Fans, Then Move On To The Middle East

For those who believed that current comics god Kevin Smith could not work for the big two simultaneously, you are wrong. At Wizard World this past weekend, Smith announced that he and Green Arrow artist Phil Hester will re-launch a classic DC title, The Brave and the Bold.

For those who believed Kevin Smith when he said that he would never write a Batman title, he lied. The first issue, naturally, will have Batman and Green Arrow, but beyond that will utilize its familiar formula of Batman teaming up with another hero in the DCU. B'wana Beast, anyone?

The auteur continues plans to write Black Cat for Marvel, but though various artists have been rumored, none have been named.

In a related story, a charity showing of Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back at Wizard World had to be cancelled, under the orders of the Fire Marshall.

Marvel Confirms Captain America Team

Though it had leaked out to websites everywhere, including ours, Marvel waited until Wizard World to confirm that, yes, Captain America would become a Marvel Knights title, with John Rey Nieber and John Cassaday as the creative team.

We Want To Be The Site With The Most Cake

This is why we really wanted to go to Wizard World. Ultra-hot writer Brian Michael Bendis celebrated his birthday Saturday by handing out free cake at his booth. No word on flavor, edibility, nor how old Bendis actually is.

CrossGen Enters The On-line Retail Business

Next month, Florida-based publishers CrossGen Comics will launch their on-line mall for apparel, books, art, statues, and…whatnot.

"Launching this mall was just a good business decision for us," said CrossGen Publisher Mark Alessi. "We need to find ways to attract new customers into the world of comics. In the near future we will be confirming some major partners to help us in this cause. This mall will be part of the bigger picture."

At the rate of success they're having, that bigger picture may include taking over Amazon.com. But we could be making that up completely.


Work Continues On Rising Stars

Cinescape reports that J. Michael Straczynski has turned in the fourth draft of the script for the film adaptation of his critically acclaimed series. Covering the first eight issues of the comic, Straczynski hopes that the film will do well enough to warrant turning it into a film trilogy.

MGM Studios have announced Rising Stars to be on their production slate for 2002. Selah.

David S. Goyer Gets Two-Picture Deal

New Line Cinema announced that they have bound screenwriter and erstwhile co-writer on JSA David S. Goyer to a two picture deal, with the first picture of said deal being Blade 3. Though Blade 2 has not been released yet (obviously), New Line has enough confidence in the franchise to give Goyer the go-ahead now.

The second picture in the deal will allow Goyer to both write and direct. The title and subject, however, have not been determined.


OZ: Not The Homoerotic Television Show

Sorry, Metal Gear: Solid fans, but David Hayter's writing career is taking off. The WB has just announced that he will be creating a show based on L. Frank Baum's Oz books, hoping that it will be a fit companion for their family series Seventh Heaven.

Picking up on work, or at least a whim, by Tim Burton, Hayter's plans for the series include a modern 20-something woman getting whisked to Oz, with none of the classic characters being any more than a memory to its current residents. (Uh, David…citizens of Oz are immortal…)

Hayter commented to Variety, ``Not many people realize there were 45 books in the series, 16 of them written by L. Frank Baum, that go way beyond what was covered in the film. My goal is not to challenge the movie, but instead create a world that acknowledges the film, but contemporizes Oz so that the movie seems a glamorized version of a very real, very dangerous place.''

Producer Joel Smith has long held the rights to develop this show, and provided the headline above.

Stargate SG-1 Saved by Sci Fi

Hey, that reminds us…someone at the Sci Fi Channel promised to call us. Dang. Anyway, they've bailed out Stargate SG-1, so that new episodes will be produced and premiered on American television on the Sci Fi Channel starting next June.

For those who watched the show (infinitely superior to the film), Showtime had previously been the premiere network for episodes.

And for that person at Sci Fi…call us. Come on. We really liked your mints.

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