It has come to our attention that Chair Shots may very well be our most popular feature. That doesn’t sit well with me, as co-editor Michael Goodson keeps doing a really annoying superiority dance while I’m trying to actually generate content. In between nyaa-nyaahs, Goodson suggested that I write a similar column, covering the rest of our site’s interests. So without further ado…The Weekly What’s Happening.

Yep, I’ve got to find a better title. Suggest one. The winner will receive a copy of Aphrodite IX #1, courtesy of Top Cow.


Mulder dies of mysterious Chakram wound…

Fox Television announced this week that Lucy Lawless, a.k.a. Xena, Warrior Princess, will appear in the first two episodes of the new season of The X-Files. No details have been released on her character, though show producer Frank Spotnitz has hinted that we may see more of her throughout the season. Let’s place a bet now that alien bounty hunter Brian Thompson needs a female counterpart.

No matter what she plays, Lawless will definitely distract us from the absence of Mulder.

Buffy to FX? Does UPN know about this?

The FX network has announced that it will be running episodes from Season 1 to 4 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer nightly at 7 p.m. beginning September 24. For those who care, they will follow Buffy with Ally McBeal: The Slightly Less Annoying Years and The Practice.

Exclusive (with! The Dark Knight goes to Dakota!

To end Season 2 of the popular WB Kids series Static Shock!, our hero Virgil will cross paths with the guardians of Gotham City. In a plot that Bruce Timm has nothing to do with, The Joker has run out of funds for his evil schemes, and can’t afford to recruit Gotham thugs. So he ventures into the sewers of Dakota City to kidnap Bang Babies and convince them to join his gang. Among his recruits are Ferret and of course, Hotstreak.

Static investigates Ferret’s disappearance, and attracts the attention of Batman and Robin, who have followed The Joker. While Robin makes nice, the Dark Knight remains aloof and chides Static for being an amateur. By the end of the episode, of course, a respect of some kind is forged.

No airdate has yet been announced.


Comics Company tries to make book available for new readers!

CrossGen Comics announced that they will reprint the sold-out Sojourn #1 and the near sold-out Sojourn Prequel in one combined edition for $3.95. Continuing their policy of not gouging fans, this low-priced book will contain all the covers, artwork, and sketchbook pages in the original editions, but with no new material. “It has been our policy to not produce gimmick books and we will stand true to that,” said Director of Corporate Communications Ian M. Feller. “We want to entice new readers to try what is becoming our most talked-about series.”

The reprint edition will ship August 10.

DC Comics has not yet sent Fanboy Planet any announcements!

So we really have nothing to say this week, except that the war continues…and Aquaman is still dead.

Marvel Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada to hang out with Kevin Smith at WizardWorld!

Well, duh.


Exclusive! New digitally animated film on Disney’s slate!

Last Wednesday the Disney Studios announced a new project for the director of The Emperor’s New Groove, Mark Dindal. He will be in charge of Disney’s newest foray into digital animation, Chicken Little. Few details are available about the plot, but Dindal’s project had been forced to switch gears after an initial stab at a story twisting established fairy tales on their heads. And then came Shrek.

At any rate, we have high hopes for this project, even without the participation of Pixar. This one should beat the ponderous Dinosaur, and hopefully pay off Disney’s investment into the digital realm.

Spy Kids Special Edition coming next week!

Writer/director/editor/craft services provider Robert Rodriguez has tweaked his cut of Dimension’s Spring surprise hit. Restoring a sequence involving “sleeping sharks” (but wait! Sharks don’t sleep…) and a few more surprises, Dimension will re-release the film next Wednesday, August 8. Fanboy Planet will re-release our initial review as well. But in a nutshell: if you didn’t see it the first time around, see it this time. Spy Kids was one of the bright spots of a dull year for movies.

Derek McCaw

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