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Backstage At Avengers Mansion...

Can they make us take Antman seriously?

Over the last month Marvel readers have been treated to a 4-page preview of the work of upcoming new AVENGERS regular penciler Olivier Coipel, who joins writer Geoff Johns with March's AVENGERS #65, the first issue in the 5-part "RED ZONE" story arc.

Due to the overwhelming response by readers and retailers, Marvel is releasing even more Coipel preview material, including a 12-page dotComic preview of AVENGERS #65, and a look inside the artist's personal sketchbook, previewing his dynamic new takes on some classic Avengers characters.

"Olivier is going to knock everyone on the ground," said Geoff Johns. "His work is stunning, and his characters - some with new designs - are brilliant. Especially the underdogs like Jack of Hearts and Warbird. It's kind of like Travis Charest meets Humberto Ramos, with a powerful and dynamic twist to it all."

Readers can get a look at more of Coipel's character designs at MARVEL.COM. (Fanboy Planet has three more here and here and here. And the dotComic preview of "RED ZONE" - which chronicles the Avengers response to the worst bio-terrorist attack in American history - can be read here.

AVENGERS #65, a great jumping-on point for new readers, goes on sale March 26th.

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