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How To Draw The Marvel Way

So is this really a commitment to the next generation of artists, or an insanely clever scheme to both make more money and keep Marvel's editorial interns working round the clock? U-DECIDE.

But really, I wish they'd had these in the days when I dreamed of a future as an artist. I'd still have 24 pristine boards sitting in a closet, but they'd have been mine, man...

With the launch of its Epic Comics imprint, Marvel Comics is throwing the
door open to thousands of aspiring new writers, giving them a chance to pitch their ideas and become published comic book professionals. But new writers also need new ARTISTS, and to support the aspiring comic book illustrators who also want to land their first big break at Epic, Marvel and Mile High Comics have teamed to make official Marvel art boards available
for sale to the public.

Custom manufactured to feature Marvel's own in-house specifications and template, the Marvel art boards come in packs of 25 and allow would-be artists to pitch their work in the established Marvel format.

"Marvel art boards are a high quality 2-ply paper that takes to pencil (and ink) very well," says ULTIMATE X-MEN artist Adam Kubert.

"No matter how much fun I had drawing as a child, it never felt like a comic until I drew it on a board with the little Marvel logo in the top corner," adds ULTIMATES artist Bryan Hitch. "I got goosebumps."

Each 25-board pack retails for $49.95 (including free shipping), making them a higher quality and less expensive option than generic art boards, reflecting Marvel and Mile High's efforts to support the next generation of comic book artists.

Check out more information on Epic here...

Derek McCaw

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