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From Vegas With Love (and Cheyenne Silver)
Las Vegas Comic-Con Aftermath Part One

originally posted 11-10-03

Bryan J. Kinnaird and his empire...

Call it the little convention that could, but maybe just not yet. The industry warily circled Las Vegas, as did fans. So far, we haven't seen a lot of post-con hype, and aside from the announcement that Judd Winick and Dustin Nguyen would be on the next Batman arc, it doesn't seem like a lot of news came out of there, either.

We're still waiting to hear from our surprise stringer in Vegas, an industry figure who understandably and unfortunately ended up with far more important things on his mind last week.

But lo and behold, Bryan J. Kinnaird gave us a little bit of a present this weekend, and we're grateful. Sure, it's a bit of self-promotion for YK Productions, but if reader feedback is accurate, you know what? You guys like YK Productions' work. Or it could just be those damned alluring female vampires...

Either way, we're running with it. And he promises us that we've got pictures of Cheyenne Silver that nobody else has...I've...I've...done questionable things...in the quest for readership.

So here's the first convention report, from a guy that has been pretty good to Fanboy Planet.

From YK Productions:

Creator Bryan Kinnaird and YK PRODUCTIONS (company co-founded with artist Roy Young) invaded the first annual LAS VEGAS COMICCON Oct.31-Nov.1,2 with his troupe of desert vagrants from the graphic novel series THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES.

Dressing up as Silent Bob: $4
Attending Las Vegas ComicCon: $20
Dressing up as Silent Bob and
getting this close to Cheyenne Silver: Priceless
YKP was genuinely the best show going at the convention this year, twice the size of the normal 10x10, and super appealing, especially with an open space for attendees to congregate in front of a 10x12 backdrop for photo opportunities with resident convict EPIMETHEUS VON, Porphyrian Queen SHA'LESTE, sultry warrioress MYSTERE, and a totally 'duded-up' SENTINEL FORCE COMMANDER. Attendees were delightedly entertained.

Las Vegas saw the return of actor SHANE STEVENS (Tank Girl, Aces:Iron Eagle 3, Leather and Iron) as Lt. Epimetheus Von on the showroom floor. Stevens was the template for the character in the graphic novel series, and last portrayed Von for YKP at the SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON in 2002.

Adult superstar CHEYENNE SILVER again graciously made an encore appearance as Itasca's favorite warrioress Mystere, and a special addition to the show was the addition of print model Karen L. Chacon (a.k.a KALUCHA) as Sha'leste.

The Sha'leste character is fast becoming a fan favorite and painted in little more than latex, you can understand why she stole so much attention. See more of Kalucha at www.kalucha.com.

Shaleste and Mystere --
Human blood? "Tastes Great!" "Less Filling!"
Mark Greenawalt did a beautiful job crafting Mystere and Sha'leste. Visit his website at www.futureclassx.com for more of his work and his complete review of the event.

Cheyenne worked the HALLOWEEN MASQUERADE at Mandalay Bay and won SEXIEST COSTUME, placing as one of the nine finalists as comic diva MYSTERE in a sea of costumed freaks from throughout the galaxy. Visit Cheyenne Silver (warning: adult content -- under 18? Don't even think about it. -- editor)

There were lots of creative costumes and YKP is proud to announce her win and also report that the LVCC website will promote pictures from the event on their throughout the year leading up to LVCC 2004. Visit www.lasvegascomiccon.com.

Is it off to a good start? Did any readers of Fanboy Planet attend this thing and have any opinions to offer? All we know is that man, we want to be there next year.

More pictures from YK Productions can be found here on page two...

Derek McCaw

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