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O, Mighty Isis

This project has significance for a couple of reasons.

First, it proves that Hollywood is extremely hungry for comics-related projects. Although the Tidal Wave line of books (not to be confused with Tsunami) have attracted some high-profile talent, they have not really broken through into high public awareness. If you thought Daredevil was a tough sell to the general public..

Then again, the character looks enough like the old Saturday morning Filmation series that people might think they know it. From what I've seen, they'd be wrong.

The other major newsworthy element is just how powerful the upstart Energy Entertainment is becoming, more than rivaling Platinum Studios in being able to package semi-obscure comics projects for film. I really want to meet Daniel Alter.

Here's the official word (and thanks for remembering us, guys):

Angel Gate, a division of Left Field Ink, announces the return of the popular Image Comics character, Isis, in LEGEND OF ISIS – planned for a November 2003 release. While Original Films ("Fast & the Furious", "XXX", and the upcoming "S.W.A.T." starring Colin Farrell, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michelle Rodriguez) has begun work with screenwriter Luke McMullin (Stan Lee’s "Forever Man") and Energy Entertainment to adapt the comic book series for the big screen.

Energy Entertainment has packaged all three elements ... a writer-client, a comic book publishing studio-client, and one of the premier production shingles in Hollywood, where the management concern enjoys a first-look deal -- and will be pitching to studios eminently.

"This will be the first example of what our management model hopes to be doing over and over again in the near future" said Daniel Alter, spear heading Energy's comic book management efforts. "By attaching Luke, and generating interest at Original, Brooklyn took three moving parts, and married them ... this is really how we want to be working for both our comic book and literary clients ... fingers crossed."

"LEGEND OF ISIS" one-shot debuted as an "IMAGE COMICS INTRODUCES …" title in early 2002. The film is being eyed as, "in the vein of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' with a memorable female role," commented Alter.

LEGEND OF ISIS, created by Darren G. Davis ("10th MUSE" and "ZAK RAVEN, ESQ."), will be an ongoing comic book series launching in November 2003 through Angel Gate, which also houses BLACK TIDE and the 10th MUSE.

"I am excited to bring The LEGEND OF ISIS back," Angel Gate's Editor-in Chief, and LEGEND OF ISIS creator Darren G. Davis says, "Isis is one of the most complex and most fun characters I have worked with. I wanted to wait till the time was right to relaunch her into her own series. With Ryan's knowledge of Egyptian Mythology and Jeremy's amazing art talents, this book will blow off the shelves as the one-shot did. I am also still excited that RV Valdez will be doing covers for us. It would not be the same without him!"

The comic book series also involves writer, Ryan Scott Ottney, and pencils by newcomer Jeremy Roberts with LeBeau Underwood handling inking chores. RV Valdez (LEGEND OF ISIS) will be the regular cover artist.

"I’m very excited to have this chance to work on LEGEND OF ISIS with everyone involved. I think we’ve established a great creative team and I know that we have a killer story," said series writer, Ryan Scott Ottney. "Darren and I have discussed this project at great length; what we have in store for the characters and where we hope to take it. He’s really a very dedicated person and I’m extremely happy that he’s given me this chance to work on a great book with such talented people. I just hope I can keep up! Any movie plans are simply icing on the cake!"

Angel Gate's focus is on high-energy, quality entertainment including books, comics and
consumer products. First up for the new publishing house are young adult novels based on both BLACK TIDE (written by Debbie Bishop) and the 10th MUSE (written by Tom Misuraca). Both will feature covers by Andy Park (Tomb Raider).


Derek McCaw

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