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There Goes My Halloween Costume...

Sexiest. Man. Alive.

It should comes as no secret to readers of this site that we've given in to the Heroclix habit. So when the game's publisher, WizKids, sends out an e-mail like this, you have to know we're filled with a sudden desire to drop everything and fly to Florida. I've seen this sort of thing in my dreams, and it looks like too much fun.

But notice they didn't dare do any flying characters...

The Marvel super heroes will come to life and do battle at Channelside Cinemas & IMAX in Tampa, Fla., at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 15, 2003, in the first-ever Life-Size, Live Action demonstration of the wildly popular miniature battle game, Marvel HeroClix.

The live-action demo will be part of a day-long event that will celebrate the opening of the new Daredevil movie, which will be showing on the giant IMAX screen at ChannelSide. Life-size HeroClix bases have been created by Jonathan Douglas, Managing Director at Channelside, especially for the demo. Professional quality costumes of the Marvel characters Daredevil, Spider-Man, Elektra and Bullseye will be worn by local fans who have volunteered to take part in the event. They will stand on the bases and do battle in a demonstration of the game. Other Marvel costumed characters (by local fans) are expected to make special appearances at the event.

The event will also include a Sealed Marvel HeroClix: Clobberin' Time Booster Pack Tournament in the theater lobby hosted by The Comics Club, Inc, a local full-service comic book and gaming store located in the Tampa suburb of Brandon, Fla. The competition will be an officially sanctioned tournament by WizKids. Prizes will be awarded to the tournament winners. All participants in the tournament will receive a free movie pass to Channelside Cinemas, as well as chances for door prizes supplied by The Comics Club.

Admission to the demonstration is free. The tournament requires the purchase of sealed Marvel HeroClix: Clobberin' Time boosters at the event. WizKids and Marvel comics and other merchandise will be available for sale at The Comics Club's booth at the event.

Derek McCaw

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