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The Eater of Worlds Cometh...
WizKids Reveals A 2004 Convention HeroClix Exclusive

This may be the most sought after and yet most useless for game play figure ever. Why useless? Because it's even more demoralizing to an opponent than two Thanosi and a Firelord. (Any resemblance to teams assembled by Mish'al Samman is purely coincidental.)

Where was I? Ah, yes. Galactus. (picture below)

Taking up eighteen squares on a standard HeroClix map and standing over 16" tall, this survivor of the previous universe stands taller than any previous figure. And then some. Here are our predictions for the dial stats:

  • Speed: 2. When you take up that much room, why bother moving?

  • Strength: 500. A game involving Galactus is not measured in how many of his opponent's pieces can be "k.o.'d," but in how quickly that opponent will break down and cry.

  • Defense: 12. It's a little known fact about Galactus, but he has a glass jaw and is extremely ticklish. Also, if an opponent has a Nova figure, Galactus can be seduced.

  • Damage: 3, but with special ability. If you roll a 4, 5, or 6, Galactus converts the entire playing field into energy and absorbs it for nourishment, thus ending the game.

    Should Galactus actually suffer knockback, the very fabric of the universe is torn, and all players will immediately be sucked into a black hole and stuck in limbo until such time as Brian Michael Bendis or Mark Millar revises them for Ultimate Marvel continuity.

    In truth, WizKids has a whole scenario worked out, completely ignoring (or rather, not even asking for, as usual) our advice. You can read the details here.

    Nothing solid has been announced concerning price, but considering that last year's MechWarrior Convention Exclusive dropship cost over $100, we recommend you start saving your Quesadallars now. At the summer conventions, WizKids will also have a super-shiny Limited Edition Silver Surfer and completely non-existent Invisible Woman available.

    I just don't like that smirk...he knows something...


    Derek McCaw

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