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Like Unleashing A Panther...

A couple of different sites have reported this picture, claiming that it is, indeed, a first glimpse at Halle Berry in a Catwoman costume. And by a Catwoman costume, I mean that this is shaping up to be sort of like that Thor pilot disguised as a Hulk movie back in the eighties -- any resemblance to comic book characters living or dead is strictly coincidental.

Berry stars as Patience Price, not Selina Kyle, in a plot that tries hard to sort of justify Tim Burton's loopy logic in Batman Returns. The power of Catwoman (yes, power) seems to be something bestowed upon murdered women who need to seek revenge. How, um, Crow-like.

Back to this picture...Aint It Cool News has a pseudonymed source, but Superhero Hype says it comes from Time Magazine. Part of me just wants to believe this is a Photshopped fanboy fantasy. Keep the grains of salt handy, but I'll give it an 80% chance of being real.

It sort of works. But I'm not so sure it works in a movie...


Derek McCaw

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