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Guidolon, The Giant Space Chicken

Just before the 4th of July, I attended WesterCon 2007 as a panelist. While there I spent a ridiculous amount of time hanging out with Chris Garcia and Jason Schachat in the Fanzine Lounge.

It was in that lounge that I met a long-haired man named Frank Wu. Unlike Garcia, Frank has actually won two Hugos, awarded for his artistic ability. Indeed, his paintings are pretty striking, one portraying Garcia for the evil clown that he is.

But Frank Wu is more than a painter; he's also a filmmaker. He handed me a disc featuring his latest effort, Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken. I promised to spread the word. Even easier to keep the promise, because this bizarre but funny short film has its place on YouTube.

And yes, the voice of Guidolon is our own wrestling writer, Chris Garcia.

Derek McCaw

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