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Whedon Relaunches The Serenity!

The Hollywood Reporter confirms this morning what Joss Whedon hinted would happen at ComicCon. Universal Studios has bought the rights for a feature film version of Whedon's late Fox series Firefly.

Making the news extra exciting for Whedon fans, the Universal deal gives the man the right to make his big-screen directorial debut. He hopes to bring back as much of the cast as will be available, promising to incorporate the show continuity but with a more epic (read: cinematic) feel.

As to actual plot elements, it's too soon to tell. However, Whedon dropped a clue at ComicCon. To an excited assemblage of fans, he lowered his voice an octave and uttered one word as dramatically as he could: "Reavers."

Whedon's Mutant Enemy Productions will produce in conjunction with Universal's Barry Mendell. Mysteriously, Mendell used to represent Whedon at United Talent Agency.

The film is currently scheduled to go into production in "the first quarter of 2004." (Always put Hollywood biz-speak in quotes, kids -- it helps give you plausible deniability.)

Fans, don't forget that in December, Fox will release the complete series on DVD, including the three episodes the network failed to broadcast.

Derek McCaw

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