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Fox Unleashes The Trailer For Fantastic Four

I'm not 100% certain my breakfast will be a fine helping of crow, but... well, we know that the movie is in the midst of reshoots. There have been rumors of unhappiness with Josh Trank's initial vision and a lot can be done to make a trailer work that won't reflect in the movie.

But in the midst of such rumors, Fox has finally released a look at their reboot of Fantastic Four, and as a film, it doesn't look bad.

But does it look like Fantastic Four? As suspected, it looks a lot like the Ultimate Universe version -- this isn't the older scientist Reed Richards. Miles Teller is a good deal younger-looking than either actor who has had the part before, but he also looks like he has the intelligence. Kate Mara is obviously a good actress. Jamie Bell already looks stony before becoming The Thing. And Michael B. Jordan -- let's ignore the sibling thing and just note he's a hell of a charismatic actor, okay?

Still no real glimpse of powers, but Fox may have played us all really well. Great step forward. Will we go so far as to say... fantastic? That's for you to say.

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Derek McCaw

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