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Everything Is Awesome

When I was a fan of DEVO in the 70s, the mainstream feared their message of de-evolution. Well, sure it was a joke, but there's something amazing to me about the brilliant Mark Mothersbaugh writing what is sure to be the song most associated with 2014 -- "Everything is Awesome," an ironic song about conformity in an ironic movie that has actually already drawn the wrath of a news commentator complaining that it is anti-business.

Anti-business? Have you tried to get your hands on a building set from The LEGO Movie? I'd say business is pretty good.

And the members of The Lonely Island got customized min-figs! You know they have to be ridiculously excited. So with a sequel to The LEGO Movie already in development from Warner Brothers (though really, it's hard to see what they can add to it -- it's so perfectly self-contained), sit back and enjoy the video. Again and again.

Derek McCaw

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