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Arwyn In Your Pocket! And Maybe On Your Pocket, Too...

We could carry her around all day...

Some headlines just make us dizzy. We'll get to exactly what the above one means in just a moment, but there's plenty of CrossGen news today. In particular, there's an item that once again proves CrossGen cares about readership, and in order to have readers, you've got to have retailers.

The bold company from Tampa introduces PEP next month. What's PEP? It stands for Product Exchange Program, a concept that essentially makes CrossGen's entire line exchangeable.

A retailer has a book that's just not selling? Trade it back to CrossGen for one that either does sell well, or ought to be selling. Administered by a company called Bulldog Collectibles, all the program requires is that retailers send in two "stripped" (or torn off) covers of the books they're eliminating from inventory. For every two covers, they'll get one copy of that month's PEP books.

For July, when PEP begins, retailers can stock up on Lady Death #2, 3, 4 and 5, as well as Sojourn #21, 22, 23, and 24 (#25 will be released on July 30th, for the low price of $1). If that doesn't appeal, they can just save up PEP points until a book becomes available that they do want.

"As CrossGen moves forward into our third year of publishing, we want to strengthen our dedication to direct market retailers, who have supported us from the very beginning. You guys took a chance on us, and this is our way of saying thanks," said CrossGen President Mark Alessi.

Okay. So that's for retailers. What about the fans?

Starting this summer, CrossGen has entered into a partnership with International Outfitters to create CrossGen Apparel. The clothing maker has a process called "laser embroidery" which allows them greater freedom to customize items for the consumer. You can now wear Arwyn where you want to, through CrossGen's online store.

And what about that headline?

Well, first up came a leak from WizKids that Arwyn (from Sojourn) and Samandahl Rey (from Sigil) are definitely two of the characters in the upcoming IndyClix game set. This set co-editor Michael Goodson to humming contentedly. We can't get him to stop.

...and read about her adventures...
yeah, that's what we meant, yeah...
But also, CrossGen is releasing their next Traveler edition this week, collecting the early issues of Sojourn in an affordable form.

From Your Friend @ CrossGen:

Calling SOJOURN "A Book You Should Be Reading," Comic Shop News raves, "Malevolent larger-than-life villains, intrepid heroines, roguish heroes, grand quests -- if Star Wars were fantasy rather than SF, it would be SOJOURN!"

You can join the journey this week when writer Ron Marz, penciler Greg Land, inker Drew Geraci and colorist Caesar Rodriguez unleash SOJOURN TRAVELER Vol. 1: FROM THE ASHES!

Greg Land was recently crowned one of the "Top 10 Artists" by Wizard magazine... find out why on June 25th -- for only $9.95 -- when you pick up our latest portable & affordable collection!

Argh. Wizard. Our old enemy that stole bright young star Joshua Elder away from us...

Derek McCaw

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