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The Great Fanboy Planet Corpse Bride Contest!
(Open from 9/15/05 to midnight 9/22/05)

No, Tim Burton isn't going to give you cake.
  Why is our contest (with the help of Warner Brothers) so great? Because all YOU have to do is tell us who you are.

You don't even have to tell us why you love Johnny Depp because, quite frankly, I work at a girls' school and I know perfectly well why you all love Johnny Depp. Unless you're a guy, and then I still know why.

You don't have to tell us why you love Tim Burton, though you're welcome to rave away. He might read this site and get all verklempt and moved and then send you a nice shrunken head as a thank you present.

But really, we're not trafficking in miniaturized skulls. We're offering a full one-sheet poster from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride and a magnet set (from the same film) to one lucky reader who enters the contest. If you are not THAT lucky winner, you could still get second prize, which is a one-sheet poster sans magnet set. Third prize -- you're fired.

Just email your humble editor and include Corpse Bride in your header so I know that that's why you're writing.

Once you've entered, you can check out Corpse Bride related sites such as Ask the Dead or Bonymail, though what you would ask the dead I don't know. Try not to bother them with questions like "where's my supper?"

In just over one week, on 9/24/05, a highly trained cadre of undead monkeys will draw the two names at random. If not an undead monkey, we'll hold Goodson's baby daughter over a list of names, and whoever she drools on gets to win. We think Tim Burton would like that.


Derek McCaw

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