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Are You Ready For...Codename: Courage?

This could be great, or...
Finally running that Donald Swan interview paid off, because just yesterday Timely Studios head of marketing Jennith Olson sent us this look at the Codename: Courage one-sheet that's due to hit theater lobbies this summer. The film itself has been pushed back from a projected July 2003 release to July 2004.

In case you'd lost track (and after some of the tumult and conflicting stories out of San Diego this summer, it's easy to do), here's what we know about this updating of the golden age hero, Commander Courage.

Writer Peter David, no stranger to controversy in comics, did a radical re-think of the character a few years ago, giving it the Codename: Courage appellation. At one point, it was rumored that David would be adapting his run for the film, which would have been a big break for his screenwriting career.

Though David has worked on a couple of television series, his feature work up to now has been limited to direct-to-video work for Full Moon, including Trancers 4 and 5 and the Oblivion space westerns. Fun stuff, but unfortunately not exactly a straight path to being a power player in Hollywood.

In truth, David wasn't asked. A shame, really, because by all accounts he had an interesting take on the character.

One fan favorite who was asked, however, is the man without sleep, Kevin Smith. One of Timely's best-kept secrets, just now leaking around the internet, is that Smith dabbled with an early draft around the same time he worked on The Six Million Dollar Man redo. Just like his ill-fated Superman work, that script now gathers dust on a Timely shelf.

So should we give up hope? Not necessarily. Though official casting has not yet been announced, we can confirm that fan favorite Bruce Campbell is the leading contender to don the skullcap of Commander Courage. And has there been an actor more deserving of a superhero franchise? (Or at least more deserving than Nicolas Cage?)

After reading his interview, Donald Swan kindly sent us a Quicktime clip from the upcoming documentary, in which he and Campbell talk about the character. It's quite possible that The Chin drops a couple of other casting clues, too.

Download the 2 Mb file here.

The big question right now is what all of Hollywood must be asking: is this really the time for a hero whose motivations lie so heavily in war? Offer your opinion in the forum.

Derek McCaw

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